What Is a Cold Soda Maker?

What Is a Cold Soda Maker?

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Carbonated drinks have always been a refreshing beverage. Soda, or carbonated water, is made by adding CO2 gas to water. Soda is used to prepare tasty fizzy beverages. If you enjoy fizzy drinks, consider buying a soda maker.

A cold soda maker machine cools down water and carbonates it by adding CO2 gas. It uses CO2 cartridges that we can replace once empty. A cold sparkling water maker is more advanced than traditional soda makers and may have additional features. The highlight is that you get chilled soda directly poured into a glass!


What Is a Soda Maker?

A soda maker uses Carbon Dioxide gas and creates carbonated water. The history of soda dates back to 1767 when Joseph Priestly invented soda water. But soda only got popular after John Matthews prepared an apparatus to carbonate water. Then the French company 'Sodastream' made the first home soda maker in 1903. After this, soda makers have continued to evolve, and now, making a custom carbonated beverage at home is easier than ever.


What Is a Cold Soda Maker?

A cold soda maker first cools down the water temperature, then carbonates the cold water to give a chilled glass of soda. This makes it different from a traditional sparkling water maker. Sparkin™ cold soda maker is the first North American soda maker to pour chilled sparkling water into your glass.


Sparkin Cold Soda Maker vs. Traditional Soda Maker, Which Is Better?

Sparkin™ cold soda maker has some points over traditional soda maker machines, which make it a better choice:

Inconvenient To Use

Traditional soda makers must be twisted every time, while getting the soda from Sparkin™ cold soda maker is much more convenient.

Restricted To Use of Plastic Bottles

You do not need a bottle to pour soda from Sparkin™ cold soda maker, while traditional sparkling water makers need a bottle to be screwed onto the machine to prepare the sparkling water. 

Cannot Make Quick Cold Soda

Traditional soda makers cannot prepare chilled soda. Thus, it would require ice or refrigeration(which may taste like flat soda). However, Sparkin™ cold soda maker will pour chilled soda directly into your glass.

No Feedback From the Device

Traditional soda makers do not show the levels of carbonation and temperature, but Sparkin™ cold soda maker does. It also has a carbonation level alarm.

No Water Tank

Traditional soda makers have limited water-holding capacity and require frequent refills. Sparkin™ cold soda maker has a bigger tank that can hold 1.6 Litre of water, eliminating the need for frequent refilling.

Risk of Bottle Explosion

There is the risk of the bottle exploding in the case of a traditional sparkling water maker when the level of carbonation is too high. However, this is not the case with Sparkin™ cold soda maker, where you can check when the level of fizz is too high.


How Does a Sparkin Cold Soda Maker Work?

Let us see how the Sparkin cold soda maker works:

Components of Sparkin Cold Soda Maker

  • CO2 cylinder: A cylindrical cartridge that contains pressurized Carbon dioxide gas is used for carbonation. The cylinder is installed at the rear of the machine.
  • Water tank: The Sparkin™ cold sparkling water maker has a 1.6 liter water tank.
  • CO2 filling handle: A lever on the machine with which you can control the level of carbonation to have strong bubbles or less of a fizz.
  • LED screen: You can monitor the temperature, carbonation levels, and cooling status on the LED screen of the machine.
  • There are other parts of the machine, like the button for 'feeding water,' a dispense knob, and a mixer for storing carbonated water.


The Working Process of a Cold Soda Maker

The first thing to the working process of the Sparkin™ cold soda maker is the correct installation of its CO2 cylinder. Then you have to plug the machine into a power socket, after which the water can be carbonated using the handle/lever. 

Next, use the dispense knob to pour chilled soda into a glass. Next, add flavorings like syrups and fruits (lemons for a sour taste, apple juice) and create your custom beverage with adequate bubbles.

Note: During the process, 30-40 mins will be spent on cooling the water to 5℃. 


Step-by-Step Instructions for Using a Cold Soda Maker

  1. Install the CO2 cartridge at the rear of the machine. After you remove the cylinder's seal, align the screws and the cylinder's base of the main device engine. Screw it up firmly.
  2. Detach the soda maker's water tank and fill it with healthy drinking water. Attach it back again.
  3. Press the water button below the LED display to fill the icy cool water in the storage tank.
  4. Pulling the lever carbonates water. You will have control over the carbonation level as well.
  5. Press the button on the tank to pour chilled soda into a glass. 
  6. You can add flavors like fruit crushes, prepare a custom beverage with all the bubbly options, and then enjoy your cold soda water.

Benefits of Drinking Cold Soda Water

Low Calorie and Sugar Intake

Soda water, unlike an ordinary bottle of soda, often contains no calories, making it a healthier option for people to limit their calorie intake. In addition, it can be an excellent choice for those who prefer the strong carbonation and pop of soda without the extra sugar and calories of the market soft drinks.

Lose Weight

According to some research, sipping soda water just before a meal can cause one to feel fuller and consume less, potentially contributing to weight loss benefits. In addition, drinking cool soda water can be pleasant and energizing, particularly later in the day or after a workout.

Aids Indigestion

Certain digestive disorders, such as bloating and constipation, might be relieved by carbonated water. In addition, the acidity in soda water can aid food digestion by breaking it down in the stomach and moving it through the digestive tract.

Absence of Phosphorus and Chemicals

Individuals can experience a purer and cleaner taste of natural drinks by eliminating phosphorus and additives in their bubbly beverages. This can be especially enticing to people concerned about their eating.


Where To Buy a Sparkin Cold Soda Maker?

Online Retailers

Internet vendors frequently provide low pricing and quick shipping, making it simple to locate and acquire the cold sparkling water maker you desire. Of course, you can also find our products on Amazon.

Brand Websites

When you shop on a brand website, you can get full information on the product, such as its qualities, specifications, and any deals or discounts offered.

Glacier Fresh Sparkin cold soda maker is an excellent option for individuals searching for a high-quality, efficient sparkling water maker.


Why Choose Glacier Fresh Sparkin Cold Soda Maker?

The Popularity of Cold Soda Water in America

Harris Poll conducted for the International Bottled Water Association found that 63% of Americans preferred bottled water (still and/or sparkling) as their most preferred beverage, with fewer Americans indicating a preference for soft drinks (regular and/or diet).

According to a 2016 International Bottled Water Association survey, approximately 71% of Americans prefer to drink cold water. While the survey did not specifically ask about soda water, it is likely that a significant portion of that 71% also enjoys their soda water cold.

Glacier Fresh likely launched its cold soda maker due to the increasing popularity of soda water and the desire for a convenient way to make it home. In addition, the company may have recognized the appeal of customizable and environmentally-friendly soda water and the desire for a quick and easy way to enjoy cold drinks without the need for ice.


Glacier Fresh Sparkling Cold Soda Maker: An Innovative Solution That Stands Out

The Glacier Fresh Sparkin is an excellent choice for a high-quality, dependable, and simple-to-use cold soda maker. Here are some of the reasons:

Quick cooling technology

Sparkin cold soda water distinguishes itself by innovative features and benefits that meet the needs of modern consumers. Its rapid chilling technique removes the need for ice, preserving the delicious clean taste of the bubbly beverages.

LED screen and 1.6L water tank

Users can monitor the temperature, cooling status, and carbonation level on the LED screen and 1.6L water tank, guaranteeing that the soda water is personalized to their satisfaction.

Simple & Ergonomic

The ergonomic lever and LED display allow customers to easily manage the amount of carbonation they desire. Its sleek design is also a looker for the house. The model is intended for easy usage, with a straightforward UI. It comes with detailed instructions to set up and run, even for people unfamiliar with soda makers.

Environmental friendly

Utilizing the Glacier Fresh Sparkin cold soda maker can lessen your dependence on single-use plastic bottles while lowering your carbon impact.

Furthermore, using Sparkin's cold soda maker is environmentally sound, as it reduces plastic and metal waste.

Safety & Protection System

Its safety and protection system ensures people can enjoy their soda water without fear. Sparkin Cola Soda Water is an excellent option for those who want a great and unique cold soda.

Opt for your preferences

The Glacier Fresh Sparkin cold soda maker allows you to customize the level of carbonation. The machine may accommodate your taste for a subtle fizz or stronger carbonation.



Finally, a cold soda maker is excellent for anyone who enjoys drinking sparkling cold water. You may enjoy a pleasant and personalized beverage while minimizing your dependency on single-use plastic bottles by producing your soda water at home.

If you appreciate cold soda water and want to make a delicious drink at home, choose the Glacier Fresh SparkinTM Cold Soda Maker. With its numerous advantages and user-friendly features, it is certain to become a kitchen classic.

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