How To Use Sparkin™ Cold Soda Maker?

How To Use Sparkin™ Cold Soda Maker?

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Want to enjoy chilled, bubbly beverages without guilt? A soda maker can fulfill your delicious desires. A soda maker carbonates water to prepare soda, with which you can create your own beverages. 

To use Sparkin™ cold soda maker, you must have it correctly set up along with its CO2 cartridges. Then you will have to fill its water tank. Then press the water button to get the storage tank filled. The Sparkin™ cold soda maker itself chills the water. Pull down the machine handle and bring the water carbonated. After all, is set and done, you can pour soda from the device into a glass.


What Is A Sparkin™ Cold Soda Maker?

Sparkin™ cold soda maker is a freshly launched product by the leading company of Glacier Fresh. Launched in December 2022, the device is for cooling and carbonating water to get a soda for preparing beverages. In addition, it provides chilled sparkling water for home usage without the need for ice.


Benefits Of Making Cold Soda At Home

Preparing cold soda at home has several potential benefits for our health, aside from being pocket-friendly.

Flavor preferences

You can choose what ingredients you want for your water by making soda at home. What's good is that you are avoiding market product additives and colorings but still getting your bubbly fruit juice and fizzy drinks when desired.


Soda bottles aren't cheap in the long run. But, as it turns out, you can save more than $150 yearly if you consume around 2 Litres of soda daily. 

Environment friendly

It might be concerning for you to get store-bought sodas regularly. The bottles have to be thrown away, which generates waste. A cold soda maker will eliminate the plastic bottle waste generated and protect the environment from pollution.


Sparkin™ Cold Soda Makers VS Traditional Soda Makers

After knowing the benefits of having a soda maker at home, let's find out why you should buy Sparkin™ cold soda maker over traditional soda machines.

Sparkin™ Cold Soda Makers VS Traditional Soda Makers

Gets Chilled Quickly

Sparkin™ cold soda makers have quick cooling technology and directly give chilled soda that tastes pleasing. But, traditional soda maker machines give room temperature soda, where you have to add ice, which may result in flat soda.

No Frequent Refills

Sparkin™ cold soda maker has a 1.6 Litre water tank capacity. Traditional soda makers generally don't have enough capacity and require frequent refills.

Carbonation-Controlled Freely

Sparkin™ cold soda maker gives you control over the amount of carbonation you want. The LED screen shows the water temperature, cooling, and carbonation status to get the desired drink fizziness.

No Bottle Screwing. 

Generally, you must screw on a bottle in a traditional soda water maker. Sparkin™ cold soda maker, on the other hand, just requires a push of a button to pour soda into a glass.

High Security

The Sparkin™ cold soda maker has a unique carbonation level alarm and pressure release system. Extra gas gets released with a "Chuff" voice, and the LED displays '88' in case of high pressure.


Materials Needed Before Using Sparkin™ Cold Soda Maker

Now that you are ready to prepare a glass of soda from your Sparkin™ cold soda maker let us see what you need to make a custom beverage.

  • Sparkin™ cold soda maker: You first and foremost need the core product itself (the soda maker) to make fresh soda.
  • Sparkin™ CO2 cartridges: You will need the CO2 cartridges for the Sparkin™ soda maker. These will be installed in the soda maker, containing the CO2 gas needed for carbonated beverages and cold drinks.
  • Filtered Water: The key ingredient to soda water is healthy drinking water. It's recommended to use cold water as it gets carbonated better than warm water.
  • Flavorings: Flavors are to be added to make flavored soda water. People generally use fruit juices or some syrups as soda maker flavorings. But these are always optional.

Step-By-Step Instructions For Using Sparkin™ Cold Soda Maker

Follow these steps to use the soda maker machine:

1: Install the CO2 cartridge cylinder at the rear part of the soda machine. Remove the cylinder's seal, then align the screws and the base of the cylinder of the main device engine. Screw it up tight.

2: Detach the machine's water tank, fill it with fresh water (cold preferred), and attach it back.

3: Push the water button below the LED display screen. It will fill the water in the storage tank. The machine is ready to carbonate beverages.

4: For carbonation, pull down the handle to the side of the machine. If the pressure is high, the device will beep, and you must release the handle. The excess pressure will be automatically released in the storage tank.

5:Press the small button on the storage tank to pour carbonated water into a glass.

6: The soda maker can make 6 degrees Celcius cold soda. The device is user-friendly as well.

Tips For Using And Cleaning Sparkin™ Cold Soda Maker

  • Beverage fans have the freedom to make custom beverages for soda drinks. You can develop healthy habits based on this by adding healthy ingredients.
  • You can regularly detach and clean the water tank to ensure the hygiene and taste of your favorite beverages.
  • The LED display can let you know the carbonation levels, which will let you know when you can replace the soda maker cartridges.
  • For cleaning the soda maker, always remove the CO2 cartridge cylinder and unplug the electrical outlet first.

Troubleshooting For Using Sparkin™ Cold Soda Maker

In case you are facing some issues with your Sparkin™ cold soda maker, you can solve the problems with these solutions:

The cooling time is getting longer

  • In case the cooling time is getting longer, the reasons could be:
  • The back exhaust of the soda machine isn't smooth. Here, you must remove the shielding foreign body from the exhaust.
  • The dust cover requires cleaning. 


  • There is a plug on the bottom of your cold water tank. Check for any leakages and fasten the plug tightly again.

The gas does not fill in properly

  • If the water is not getting carbonated properly, the installation of the CO2 cartridge could be incorrect. You will be required to remove and reinstall the cylinders properly.

The strange odor of water

  • Because you will receive a new machine, the water may smell strange. It's recommended to run about 3-4 liters of water through the tank when you buy it to remove any such odors.


How long can a single CO2 cartridge cylinder last?

A CO2 cylinder tank will last you for about 4-8 weeks, depending upon the usage and level of carbonation. In general, a 60 Litre tank can carbonate 60 Litres of water.

How will I be able to tell when CO2 gas is low?

If the water takes noticeably longer to get carbonated, the CO2 gas will likely be low in the cylinders. 

Can the temperature of soda be controlled?

You can judge the temperature based on the time it would take to get the water carbonated. Keeping a tab on the temperature with respect to time as it drops works to get your desired water temperature.

What should be the cup height for pouring soda?

The maximum height of the cup can be used is 14. 5 cm or 5.7 inches.



To concentrate on the entirety of the information, Sparkin™ cold soda maker is a fresh product in the market that offers a unique feature where you can directly get cold soda water. Not needing to ice preserves the pleasing taste of the alcoholic beverages or fruity drinks you prepare.

The product has good water tank capacity and beats the traditional soda makers by a good margin. It's best to try out the Sparkin™ cold soda maker for yourself.


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