Where is the Water Filter for a Samsung Refrigerator?

Where is the Water Filter for a Samsung Refrigerator?

There are three main locations for the water filter in any Samsung refrigerator. One location is between the produce drawers. The produce drawers are in the fresh food section of your appliance. This is usually for Samsung French door fridges.

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On most side-by-side Samsung refrigerators, you will find the water filter on the right side of the bottom drawer. For others, the water filter for your refrigerator is located at the top right corner of the upper part of the fridge. 

The location of the water filter is determined by the configuration and design of your Samsung refrigerator. If you are having trouble finding the filter location, download the fridge’s user manual. All Samsung refrigerators have an online user manual you can download from the company’s website. The manual will give the location of your water filter as well as the type of filter your appliance uses. 

Where is the Water Filter in a Samsung French Door Refrigerator?

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The French door refrigerator from Samsung has models with three or four doors. In these models, the water filter is located in the refrigerator compartment. Usually, you find it between the crisper drawers or the vegetable box. Look for a knob with white color usually labeled with “lock” and “unlock” around it. In case you can’t see it, check the manual that came with the fridge.

Where is the Water Filter in a Samsung Side-by-Side Door Refrigerator?

For the Samsung side-by-side door, you can find the filters at the bottom right corner of the refrigerator. It is usually on the right side of the bottom drawer in the fresh food section. Keep in mind the model of the fridge may have a different location. 

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For example, you may have an older model of the side-by-side door Samsung fridge. If this is the case and you lost the owner’s manual, you can get a copy from Samsung’s official website. Use it to find the location of the water filter. 

Where is the Water Filter in other Samsung Refrigerators?

The above two options are the most common locations for the water filter in Samsung refrigerators. There is a third option that may not be easy to find. This water filter is common in both side-by-side and French door fridges.

In this case, the water filter is on the upper compartment at the top right corner. Unlike the two mentioned Samsung refrigerator water filters mentioned above, this filter is in a vertical position. It looks like a cylindrical container hanging from the “ceiling” of the fridge.


Where Can I Buy OEM Samsung Refrigerator Water Filters?

The best place to get original water filters for your Samsung water fridges is their official website. This is the best location since you are guaranteed of getting the right filter. They have a customer support platform where you can ask questions in case there is something you don’t understand. You can also use the platform to find out the right water filter for your Samsung fridge. Furthermore, they store water filters for all Samsung fridge models. Their filters also come with a warranty and quality guarantee.  


Where Can I Buy Aftermarket Samsung Refrigerator Water Filters?

Not every aftermarket Samsung refrigerator water filters are certified or substandard. There are a few manufacturers of high-quality aftermarket refrigerator water filters. These manufacturers make products that are NSF certified and work as well as the OEM options. However, finding a good manufacturer may not be easy. 

If you want to go for aftermarket water filters, find them in online stores. For example, you can search for your water on websites such as Glacier Fresh, Amazon, Lowes, Wal-Mart, eBay, and so forth. However, it’s wise to buy directly from a reputable manufacturer. 

For instance, a company like Glacier Fresh is renowned for making high-quality aftermarket water filters. Additionally, all their refrigerator water filters are NSF-certified. Lastly, you will buy from a manufacturer instead of a third-party reseller.    

How Do I Replace the Water Filter of My Samsung Refrigerator?

The good thing about Samsung refrigerators is you can replace the water filter yourself. The following is a step-by-step guide to help you replace your water filter. 

Step1: Buying the Right Samsung Water Filter

You need to know the type of water filter you need to buy to replace your old one. In this case, you have two options i.e. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or aftermarket. 

OEM water filters are made by Samsung. These are good options because they have been made by the company that made the fridge. On the downside, they cost more than their aftermarket counterparts. Aftermarket Samsung refrigerator water filters are not all bad. However, you need to find a brand that is reputable to get a high-quality filter. 

Make sure you have the part number before you buy the filter. You can know which filter to buy by using the model of your fridge, the appliance’s user manual, or the part number of your old filter. 

Step 2: Buy the Water Filter

Once you are sure of the part number or fridge model, purchase your water filter. This can be done in two ways. You can use online stores such as Glacier Fresh, Amazon, eBay, and so forth. Alternatively, you can manually visit a locate store such as Walmart, Lowes, and so forth. 

Make sure you contact the seller, where applicable, to confirm you are buying the right filter for your refrigerator. All Samsung refrigerator water filters come with a sealed package. Once you open the package, returning it is impossible. When you buy the filter, it will come with an instructions manual and sometimes you get expiration date reminder stickers. 

Step 3: Prepare the Filter for Installation

Start by turning off the water supply to your refrigerator. There should be a tap or valve between your fridge's water supply and your fridge. Use this to turn off the water supply. Once done, you can now find your water filter location. Use the three options above to find the location of your Samsung refrigerator water filter. Remove the packaging and plastic wrapper of your water filter and set it aside on a clean surface. 

Step 4: Removing the Old Water Filter

To remove the old water filter, turn the knob on the filter to your left or anticlockwise. In some cases, like the third option above, the water filter is placed in a vertical position. For such a filter, you need to twist it from right to left. Turn the filter until it comes off. In some cases, there is the possibility of some water pouring out from the area. This is normal and shouldn’t worry you.  

Step 5: Installing the New Samsung Water Filter

Take the new filter and insert it where the old filter was. Turn it to your left as you are inserting it. It usually takes a ¼ turn for the filter to lock into place. For the third option above, twist the filter from left to right. In this case, you may need to turn the filter several times before it locks in place. 

You may hear a pressure or hissing sound when you insert or remove the filter. Don’t worry about the sound as this is normal. Take note the filters are designed to be removed and installed with minimal effort. If your filter came with expiration reminder stickers, count 6 months ahead and place the right sticker on the filter handle. This will help you remember when the next replacement is due. 

Step 6: Finalizing the Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter Installation

Turn on the water supply after installing the new filter. Never install a new Samsung refrigerator water filter and start using it immediately. You need to run water through it before you can use it. Some of these filters have some impurities when they were manufactured. Running water through a new filter ensures any sediments from the manufacturing process are washed away. Ideally, run at least a gallon of water through the filter. 

For the best results, get a clear water pitcher to collect the running water. You may notice the water has some particles as it fills the pitcher. This is normal when you use a new filter. After running a gallon or two of water, you will notice the water has become clear. 

To finish the installation, reset the “Change Water Filter” indicator on your fridge. Press the “Crushed Ice” or “Water Filter Reset” button for three seconds to reset the system. You will have successfully replaced your Samsung refrigerator water filter.

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Bottom Line

Finding the location of the water filter for a Samsung refrigerator is not that hard. Use the steps above to locate it or check your user manual. Once you find it, use the steps above to properly replace it. 

If you decide to buy aftermarket water filters instead of OEM, get a reputable manufacturer. Companies like Glacier Fresh have high-quality aftermarket water filters that perform as well as their OEM counterparts. Furthermore, these filters cost you less and are easy to find. 

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