How To Change LG Refrigerator Air Filter [Fail-Proof Guide!]

How To Change LG Refrigerator Air Filter [Fail-Proof Guide!]

Do your LG Refrigerator compartments smell bad when you open the door? Then, it’s time to check on that Fresh Air Filter at the back.

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The LG refrigerator air filter can be changed by finding its location in the fridge, removing the old filter from the filter cover, and placing the new air filter in its place. It is essential to change your air filter when the LED control panel gives a ‘Replace Filter’ signal, or it has been 6 months since you last changed it. 

We promise that following this article will make changing your LG refrigerator air filter much easier. So, keep scrolling to read detailed instructions.  


Purpose Of An Air Filter In A Refrigerator

A refrigerator is where you preserve all your processed and unprocessed food. The LG refrigerator air filter inside your fridge compartment is meant to soak in all the foul odors and circulate clean air. As a result, it keeps your refrigerator’s internal environment fresh and healthy. 




The carbon-based mesh-like air filter absorbs in-borne circulating particles, moisture, and volatile molecules. Thus, the food remains healthy, the compartment remains fresh, and the environment becomes unsuitable for the growth of microorganisms. 


There are two settings for the air filter in your LG refrigerator, which can be activated in the control panel as and when needed:


  • Auto-mode: The filter will cycle on and off as needed. (10 mins. On and 110 mins. Off). 
  • Power-mode: The filter will cycle on and off for 4 hours continuously (10 min. on and 5 mins off) and then automatically switch back to auto mode. 


Note that the power mode is more electricity-consuming than the auto mode. Press the ‘Air Filter Button’ once for auto mode and twice for power mode

Importance of Regular Replacement of Air Filters

You must keep your air filter life in mind after purchasing a refrigerator. Timely replacement of the air filters helps you maintain optimal performance and air quality inside your fridge. To understand its importance, look at the following downsides of not replacing your air filter: 


  • The clogged air filter will become a perfect breeding place for microorganisms leading to bacterial contamination. 
  • The refrigerator machinery would have to work harder to pull and circulate air, leading to higher energy consumption. Thus, you can expect higher electricity bills. 
  • The refrigerator will be filled with unpleasant smells every time you open it due to poor circulating air quality. 
  • The food kept inside may also start smelling bad and rot quickly. 


Remember, it is recommended to replace your LG refrigerator fresh air filter every 6 months (twice a year) or when the LED control panel lights up the ‘Replace Filter Alert Icon,’ whichever is earlier. So, mark your calendars or set reminders for six months. 




The refrigerator compartment smell and increased power bills will also give you a hint. Pay attention to the signs, and you will know when it's time to purchase a new compatible air filter for replacement.


Common Air Filter Locations

Different refrigerator manufacturing engineers design fridge models in different ways. The most suitable location for an air filter is the fridge compartment where the food is kept. It is placed where it can give the maximum benefit and work most efficiently, as air circulation should not be hindered. 


The most common air filter locations are in the grille at the bottom of the refrigerator, on the rear wall of the refrigerator, or at the inner ceiling of the fridge compartment. You must check your refrigerator model number and user manual to know exactly where to find the air filter. 

How To Locate The Air Filter

Can’t find the Air Filter in your LG refrigerator? Don’t worry; we will guide you exactly where to find it. Different LG refrigerator models may have air filters at different locations, but it is easy to reach them. Here are the steps: 


  1. Read the air filter section in your user manual guide delivered with your fridge or download one from the official LG website. You can also search by entering your refrigerator model number on the internet. 
  2. Open the fridge doors and look inside the mentioned compartment.
  3. Push aside the food items or containers that might be blocking the view.
  4. The filter cover is square or rectangular, depending on the refrigerator model, with the label or icon mentioning ‘Fresh Air Filter.’ Some fridge models also have a blue color indicator light outlining the air filter cover. 
  5. Once you locate it, follow the below instructions to replace it. 

How To Replace The Air Filter

LG has ensured that customers can easily access their refrigerator air filter and change it when needed. Follow our detailed step-by-step instructions to replace your filter in no time successfully: 


  1. Turn off the Power of the Refrigerator. 
  2. Locate the air filter in your LG refrigerator. In most models, it is placed at the center on the back of your refrigerator compartment above the top shelf. 
  3. Take off the filter cover. Place your hand on the air filter labeled cover, grab, and rotate it anti-clockwise (to the left). The fresh air filter cover will be detached. 
  4. Discard the old filter. Flip the filter cover in your hand, and you will see the small square mesh air filter tucked onto it. Take it out and discard it. 
  5. Place the new air filter in place of the old filter. Unwrap the new air filter you have purchased. Read the side of the filter that says ‘Front’ and make sure it faces outwards. Fit it correctly on the back of the cover like before. 
  6. Put back the Air Filter cover in the refrigerator. Re-attach the filter cover back by aligning the cover tabs with those on the refrigerator wall and rotating it clockwise (to the right) until it locks in its original position.
  7. Reset the Control Panel Sensor. Press the ‘Air Filter Button’ on the control panel for 3-5 seconds until the air filter indicator light turns off. 





After reading this article, we hope you can handle LG refrigerator air filter replacement like a pro. Knowing where the air filter is located on an LG refrigerator and how to replace it is important for maintaining the performance and air quality of the appliance. 


So, if you are also looking to buy a replacement air filter? Head to our website and order them today! While you can choose OEM air filters, good-quality aftermarket air filters are available at lower prices to help you save money. If you liked this article, check out more such blogs to gain information on related topics. 

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