How To Change Samsung Water Filters?

How To Change Samsung Water Filters?

Samsung water filters are easy to change. All you got to do is buy a good-quality filter compatible with that model and open the system to make the change. You can read the user manual to locate the filter and check the replacement mechanism. 

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Do you know the right time and method to change your Samsung refrigerator filters? If not, we are here to help you. Samsung has been manufacturing refrigerators for quite a long time and has worldwide customers. If you also own a Samsung refrigerator, remember to replace its water filters timely and maintain healthy water quality for your family. 

Samsung water filters are easy to change. All you got to do is buy a good-quality filter compatible with that model and open the system to make the change. You can read the user manual to locate the filter and check the replacement mechanism. A better option would be to read this article and understand everything you should know in one place. 


Why Do You Need To Change Your Fridge Filter Every 6 Months?

If you change your refrigerator water filter only when the indicator turns red, it can be dangerous. Replacement isn’t necessarily needed after the indicator light recommends it. Instead, you should check various other signs to detect if your filter needs to be changed. 

Every Samsung water filter comprises an activated carbon filter media certified by NSF to filter a limited quantity of dirty water for a limited time. After it cleans a certain amount of water, it gets saturated and needs to be changed. Usually, these filters take 6 months to reach this stage of saturation. However, depending on your usage and water quality, this period may differ for different households. 

Activated carbon filters absorb the contaminants to separate them from flowing water. However, the impurities stick to the carbon surface and get captured; thus, only clean water reaches the dispenser. 

If you do not change the activated carbon filter even after its entire surface area is full of captured contaminants, it will do more harm than good. Contaminants will not be absorbed and overflow past the filter into your drinking water. Such contamination in filtered water may go unnoticed or be detected through taste, odor, and appearance. 


How To Locate the Refrigerator Filter in Your Fridge Model?

The location of water filters in your refrigerator varies depending on its model. So, ensure that you read your user manual thoroughly to make the replacement correctly. Along with the fridge, water filters also have a model number. This number helps you purchase the right replacement filter in the future. 

If you have lost your user manual (which we mostly do), download one from their official website, watch an online video, or read this section to get the instructions. 

  • The water filters in the French doors and Four Flex models are located between the produce drawers on the fresh food section French door. 
  • In Samsung’s side-by-side refrigerator, water filters are usually located to the right of the bottom drawer in the fresh food section. 

How Do I Know the Model of My Samsung Fridge Filter?

The water filter required for your Samsung fridge depends on its model. These models are described as codes (alphabets + numbers) and are also mentioned on the product labels. You can find these labels on your refrigerator now: 

  • For French door models, the internal label is located on the left side wall of the fridge shelves, while the external label is situated at the bottom of the left exterior wall. 
  • For Side-by-side models, the internal label is located on the left wall in the top door, while the external label is situated on the left side of the freezer door. 
  • For Combination fridges, the internal label is located on the inside left wall of the refrigerator, while the external label is situated at the base of the left exterior wall of the fridge. 
  • For Single-door fridges, the internal label is located on the inside left, while the external label is situated at the left exterior wall’s base. 

How To Determine The Water Filter That You Need?

Samsung manufactures 3 types of water filters. So, make the right choice according to your refrigerator. 

  • HAF-CIN Filter is compatible with select French Door and Side-by-Side refrigerator models.
  • HAF-QIN Filter is compatible with select French Door refrigerator models.
  • HAF-CUI Filter is compatible with select French Door and Side-by-Side refrigerator models.

When to Change a Refrigerator Water Filter?

There are various signs to check the need for water filter replacement in your refrigerator at the right time. The filtered water itself tells a lot about the health of your water filter through its taste, odor, or appearance. You just have to be careful and observant. Let’s discuss the signs one by one: 

A Decrease in Flow Rate or Water Pressure

If the water flow or pressure from your refrigerator’s water dispenser has slowed down, search for the cause. A change in flow rate or pressure is often due to internal clogging or blockage in the filter media. It occurs due to the accumulation of substances in and around the filter, making it difficult for water to pass through. It is a clear sign to buy a new filter and clean up that space. 

Bad Taste of Water

    If the water tastes funny, immediately test its TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) levels. Impurities or microorganisms in drinking water could make it taste bitter. If the reason is a worn-out filter, replace it with a new one. 

    Warning Lights

      Many refrigerators with inbuilt water filters have indicator lights to warn about the need for replacement. Red light is a warning when the filter no longer supplies clean water. Although indicator warnings are not always right, you should still not ignore them. Instead, analyze the filter and water quality to make your decision. 

      Cloudy Water

        Who would like to drink cloudy water? Haziness or whitish appearance in the water is a clear sign of serious damage to the filter. It may be due to microbial growth or leakage of build-up gases or impurities into drinking water. Thus, replacement should become a priority. 

        Over 6 months

          As mentioned earlier, 6 months is a good enough time to consider the replacement of your water filter cartridges. Samsung’s activated carbon filter usually serves you upto this period, after which it becomes useless. The filter may wear out sooner if your water quality is very poor or your water usage is very high. But 6 months should always be an alerting time to check your filter health and make the decision. 

          Do You Have to Turn Water Off to Change Your Samsung Refrigerator Filter?

          Refrigerators with built-in water filters must be connected to your existing water supply to function and deliver clean water. But, before changing the filter, this water supply should be turned off or disconnected to avoid spillage. After the replacement process, the water supply is turned back on. 

          Similarly, Samsung fridges with internal filters have a water shut-off mechanism before replacement. They have an ‘auto shut off valve’ to stop the water from reaching the filter for the time being and make the replacement hassle-free. So, there’s no need to disconnect or withdraw the water connection before swapping the filter. 

          However, in Samsung refrigerators with external water filters, the water supply must be manually turned off or disconnected to continue the changing process. You cannot take out the filter because water is flowing with pressure. It is always advised that you turn off the water supply and then remove the filter to avoid making a mess. 

          How to Replace a Samsung Internal Fridge Filter?

          Here’s a complete step-wise procedure to help you replace your Samsung fridge’s internal filter easily: 

          1. Turn down the auto shut-off valve or disconnect the filter from your home’s water supply line. 
          2. Open both refrigerator doors.  
          3. Locate the filter
          4. Grab the old filter, rotate it counter-clockwise till it comes out from its housing, and discard it wisely. 
          5. Unwrap the new filter, remove its protective cap, insert it into the filter housing, and rotate it clockwise until it fits firmly back into place. 
          6. Turn on the water supply valve for water to start flowing into it again. 
          7. Fill up and discard at least 250 ml or 5 glasses of water to remove the packaging dust or impurities, if present. 
          8. The filter is fully installed and ready to provide clean water for drinking through the dispenser or making ice in the ice maker. 

          Extra Tips

          • If you are finding it hard to remove the water filter from the housing, it could be due to high water pressure build-up behind it. Try taking the load off by removing the top fridge shelves and then pulling out harder. Also, ensure that your water supply is turned off to make the struggle easier. 
          • On the contrary, if you have difficulty fitting the new filter, close the water supply valve and discard some water to lower the pressure. It will make it easier for the new filter to slide inside. 

          How to Install the Samsung Refrigerator External Water Filter?

          Here’s a complete step-wise procedure to help you replace your Samsung fridge’s external filter easily: 

          1. Find and close the ‘isolation valve’ on the water supply line connected to your refrigerator.  
          2. Keep a bucket and towel with you, as there may be some spillage during this process. 
          3. Take out the old filter carefully and detach its plastic tube. 
          4. Cut the tube very straight to remove jagged edges caused by the old filter.
          5. Rinse the new filter thoroughly with water to remove dirt and get it ready. 
          6. Insert the plastic pipe into the new filter and fix it in place. 
          7. Now making sure of the correct flow direction, insert the inlet side upto 5-10 mm inside until it is fully installed.
          8. Placing the filter in the bucket, turn on the water supply again. 
          9. Allow upto 5 liters of water to flow through the filter into the bucket and fit it back in place. 

          Will A Samsung Refrigerator Work Without A Water Filter?

          The purpose of Samsung refrigerators with in-built water filters is to provide cool, clean water or ice in one place. These water filters are necessary to remove commonly-found impurities like chlorine, lead, mercury, etc., from your household water supply. 

          While you can bypass the water filter by directly connecting the water supply to the dispenser through rotary valves, you should not do that. Your Samsung fridge will function without the filter, but the output water quality will be the same as your tap water, which is unhealthy.


          Where Can I Buy a Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter?

          You should know that the official Samsung website is not the only place to look for your replacement filters. Aftermarket filters manufactured by Glacier Fresh are compatible with various refrigerators available in the market, including Samsung. 

          At Glacier Fresh, you will find all types of refrigerator water filter models at competitive prices. Just look for the right match compatible with your Samsung refrigerator model and make the purchase. Have a look! 

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