How to Make Sparkling Water

How to Make Sparkling Water

In recent years, sparkling water has become an embraced alternative to regular water. It is because sparkling water has a bubbly texture and refreshing taste. Making sparkling water is easy; many people have been doing this for years. So, how do you make sparkling water? You can easily make sparkling water by infusing CO2 with water using a soda maker machine and a CO2 canister.

Continue reading to understand the steps to follow when making sparkling water. Also, we will discuss the benefits of making sparkling water and tips for making sparkling water.

Table of Contents:

What is sparkling water?
Sparkling water VS regular water
Benefits of making your sparkling water
Materials needed to make sparkling water
Step-by-step instructions for making sparkling water
Tips for making sparkling water
Is it bad to drink too much sparkling water
Why choose Glacier Fresh soda maker


What is sparkling water?

Sparkling water, also known as carbonated water, has been infused with carbon dioxide gas at high pressure, resulting in bubbles or effervescence. The carbonation process gives sparkling water a distinctive and refreshing taste that sets it apart from regular water. 

William Brownrigg was the first to experiment with aerating water using carbon dioxide in 1740, while Joseph Priestley accidentally discovered the process of infusing water with carbon dioxide in 1767.


Sparkling water VS regular water

Sparkling water and regular water have some key differences that can affect their taste, health benefits, and impact on our bodies. Sparkling water has been carbonated or infused with carbon dioxide gas under pressure, giving it a fizzy texture and refreshing taste. Regular water, on the other hand, is simply water without any additional ingredients.

Cold water VS warm water

Regular water contains fluoride, which can help prevent tooth decay, while sparkling water may be slightly more acidic due to carbonic acid from the carbonation process. Additionally, some types of sparkling water may have added minerals, such as sodium.

The main difference between soda water and regular water is the presence of bubbles. Sparkling water's carbonation gives it a unique texture and taste that can make it a more enjoyable alternative to normal water. However, the carbonation in sparkling water can also make it more acidic in our mouths, potentially impacting dental health.


Benefits of making your sparkling water

Below are some benefits of making your own sparkling water at home.

Healthier - Homemade sparkling water contains no calories, sugar, or artificial sweeteners. It is ideal for those who want to stay hydrated and reduce their sugar intake.

Easily customizable - When you make your own sparkling water, you can adjust the level of carbonation to your preference. You can also add natural flavorings, such as fruit or herbs, to create unique and delicious sparkling water flavors.

Less costly - Based on a study by Consumer Reports, bottled sparkling water typically costs between $0.25 to $2 per liter, depending on the brand and quality. In contrast, producing a liter of sparkling water using a soda maker costs less than $0.10. Assuming a household consumes 10 liters of sparkling water per week, switching to a soda maker can result in savings of up to $100 per month or $1,200 annually. 

Friendly to the environment - Making your sparkling water reduces the need for single-use plastic bottles. It also reduces the carbon footprint associated with transporting and producing pre-packaged carbonated water.

Convenience - Having a sparkling water maker at home means enjoying sparkling water whenever possible. This can be incredibly convenient if you live in an area where it is not readily available.


Materials needed to make sparkling water

  1. A sparkling water maker - This is the key tool for creating sparkling water which is designed to specifically produce carbonated water.
  2. Cold water- It is recommended to use clean and drinkable cold water when making sparkling water.
  3. CO2 canister - The tank is responsible for pressurizing and infusing the water with carbon dioxide gas. 
  4. Flavorings - To enhance the taste of sparkling water, you can add natural flavors such as lemon, lime, berries, or mint.

Step-by-step instructions for making sparkling water

With a carbonation machine, making sparkling water easy takes only a few minutes. Here are the simple steps to make your fizzy water:


Step 1

Install the CO2 canister onto your carbonation machine per the product manual's guidelines.

Step 2

Pour cold water into the carbonating bottle until it reaches the marked line.

Step 3

Attach the carbonating bottle to the machine securely, either by snapping or screwing it into place, depending on the manufacturer's instructions.

Step 4

Press the carbonating button on the machine to start the carbonation process. 

Step 5

Press the carbonating button at least three times to carbonate the water adequately.

Step 6

Taste the carbonated water to see if it's to your liking. If you prefer a higher level of carbonation, reattach the bottle to the machine and press the button several more times until you get the desired level of bubbles.

Step 7 

Once you are satisfied with the level of carbonation, remove the carbonating bottle from the machine and serve the sparkling water immediately or store it. 

Step 8

Sparkling water made using a carbonation machine will stay carbonated for up to three days in the fridge.

Step 9

You can add flavorings of your choice to your sparkling water, such as fruit juice or herbs.


Tips for making sparkling water

  1. Use ice sparkling water for better carbonation.
  2. Don't over-carbonate your water, which can cause a flat taste or foaming.
  3. Experiment with different natural flavors like lemon, lime, berries, or mint.
  4. Consider adding a small amount of fruit juice or syrup to enhance the flavor.
  5. Clean your carbonation machine regularly to maintain fresh-tasting sparkling water.
  6. Use high-quality water to improve the taste of your sparkling water.
  7. Allow the carbonated water to sit for a minute or two before serving to allow the bubbles to settle and the water to reach maximum carbonation.
  8. Keep the carbonation bottle and machine in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight or heat. 
  9. If you are using a carbonation machine, always follow the manufacturer's instructions for the best results and to avoid damaging the device. 


Is it bad to drink too much sparkling water?

  1. Drinking sparkling water in moderation is generally not harmful to overall health, as it has a slight acidity that won't impact organs.
  1. Symptoms of overhydration, such as frequent urination, should be monitored, but otherwise, there is no need to cut back on seltzer water intake.
  1. The slight acidity of seltzer water can impact dental health over time, so it's recommended to limit consumption to no more than one can per day.
  1. Drinking sparkling water alongside a meal and regular water can help prevent the acid from sticking to teeth.
  1. Good dental hygiene practices, such as regular brushing, flossing, and professional cleanings, can help offset any potential damage to teeth from drinking seltzer water.

Why choose Glacier Fresh soda maker

Glacier Fresh provides high-quality soda makers suitable for making sparkling water. Here is why you need to choose Glacier fresh soda maker:

  1. Convenient and user-friendly -The Glacier Fresh Sparkin™ Cold Soda Maker is compact and easy to use, with a sleek design and user-friendly operation that makes it accessible to everyone.
  1. Compatibility - The Sparkin™ Cold Soda Maker is compatible with a range of standard 60L threaded gas canisters, including SodaStream and soda sense, making it easy to find replacement canisters.
  1. Quick chilling - The Sparkin™ Cold Soda Maker instantly provides users with cool sparkling water, eliminating the need to refrigerate or add ice cubes.
  1. Environmental-friendly - Using the Sparkin™ Cold Soda Maker can help reduce the environmental impact of soda consumption by avoiding the need for disposable cans and bottles. This can help reduce plastic and metal waste, which can harm the environment.
  1. Cost-effective- The Glacier Fresh Sparkin™ Cold Soda Maker can save users money over time by allowing them to make their soda at home rather than purchasing it from the store.This can be exceptionally cost-effective for those who drink soda frequently or in large quantities.


Making sparkling water at home is easy and cost-effective. It provides a healthy alternative to sugary drinks and is better for the environment. Anyone can enjoy a refreshing and delicious drink by following simple tips like using ice sparkling water and avoiding over-carbonation. So, raise a glass of homemade sparkling water and cheer for a healthier and happier lifestyle!


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