How To Change An RV Water Filter

How To Change An RV Water Filter

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An RV water filter eliminates sediments, odor, microbes, bacteria, and other contaminants, from water, making it safe for drinking, bathing, and cooking. Most importantly, it enhances the longevity of your RV plumbing. Failing to replace the filter periodically fails the entire agenda of having a water filter. The filter itself becomes a host of dangerous contaminants. 

You can change your RV water filter by turning off the water supply and detaching the filter housing. Pull out the old filter and wash off the remaining sediments of the canister. Drop the new filter in the housing, ensuring the flow direction is the same as before and that's it.


Scroll down and read on to know the detailed step-by-step instructions on how to change the RV water filter.




How Do I Change My RV Hose Water Filter: Step-By-Step


Replacing a water filter will be easy, with this a step-by-step guide. To replace your water filter, you will need the tools and materials mentioned below. 


Tools and Materials Needed 


  • New in-line sediment filter cartridge for replacement
  • Crescent Wrench or oil filter wrench
  • Paper towels or clean cotton rags


Steps To Perform 


Perform the following steps to replace your water filter: 


  1. Turn off the water supply and wait a couple of minutes for the water flow to stop completely before unscrewing the housing of the old filter. 
  2. Detach the old filter housing, and remove the soiled filter from it. 
  3. Dump out excess water if there is any. 
  4. Inspect the bottom of the filter canister thoroughly to trace any sediment. 
  5. You can quickly clean the filter canister with soap and water if required. Make sure you wash it properly. 
  6. Use a clean rag to wipe off the attachment area of the housing. 
  7. Unpack the new filter, and drop it directly into the housing. 
  8. Re-attach the filter housing back in position. Screw it firmly. 
  9. Also, install your new filter by ensuring the flow direction is the same as before. 
  10. Once everything is fixed, turn on the water supply and drain the excess charcoal into the sink for 5 to 10 minutes. 


Once you are sure there are no unwanted leaks around the water filter housing area, the job is done.


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While replacing your water filter every 6 months is generally suggested, this varies depending on the water flow and many other conditions. Read on to get a detailed explanation of this. 

How Do I Know if My RV Filter Needs To Be Replaced?




Not replacing the water filter on time might cause severe health issues due to accumulated contaminants. However, you can always tell the difference in water quality by looking at some unusual signs. These are some prominent indications that ask you to change your water filter immediately. The signs are: 

Low Water Pressure


The accumulated build-up over time obstructs the water flow. It blocks the passage of the water partially, decreasing the water force. So as soon as you notice a low water pressure, it signals you to replace your water filter instantly. 

Sediments Visible in the Water


A properly functioning RV water filter will always give you crystal-clear water. However, a damaged filter is unable to filter the water properly. You will find noticeable sediments floating in the water. That's when you should change your water filter ASAP. 

Water Tastes Weird


One direct sign that indicates a damaged water filter is the change in the taste of drinking water. You can easily tell the weird taste of water from the normal one. So once your water filter duties for 3 months, pay attention to the taste of the water. A metallic or salty taste of drinking water indicates that you should replace your water filter without delay. 

Filter cartridge looks dirty 


Periodic inspection of filter cartridges is very important if you cannot notice any of the above signs. You must go ahead and take a look at the cartridge of your filter. A yellowish or soiled filter cartridge, usually stinking bad, tells how dirty your drinking water is. Replace it immediately. 

How To Change An RV Water Filter: Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the RV water filter located?


The RV water filter of your filter machine can be located under the kitchen sink, often behind a luan panel. In motorhomes, the filter can be located in the wet bay. Apart from these, the water filter can also be located behind the doors near the basement walls or kitchen cabinets for convenient operation. 


When to change the RV water filter?


Always follow the manufacturer's instructions to know when to change your water filter. Changing your RV water filter depends upon the process of using it and the type of water it filters. 


The general time period suggested to change your water filter is 3 to 6 months. However, once you start noticing a decreased water flow, cloudy water, or a bad taste of water, consider replacing your water filter immediately. 

Is it OK to pull an RV with a full fresh water tank?


Yes, it is okay to travel with a full RV fresh water tank. However, the excess weight is not convenient to carry long distances because of the fuel consumption. 


It would be better to travel with some water in the RV freshwater tank, enough to fulfill your temporary needs, along with a separate water container for refilling the RV when needed. 

Why does RV water smell like rotten eggs?


The most potential cause of your RV water smelling like a rotten egg is the presence of anaerobic bacteria in the water heater. The water heating system of your water filter consists of a magnesium or aluminum rod which reacts with the bacteria and sulfur microbes to produce the rotten egg smell. 

Do you really need a water filter for your RV?


RV water filters prevent sediments, clogs, and buildups in your RV or water pipes. Having said that, this is just a preventive and maintenance tip and not a compulsion. 




Changing the water filter regularly ensures safe drinking water, which promotes active health. Stay vigilant, and know when the filter needs replacement. Refer to the manufacturer's official instructions while replacing a particular model's filter. To find more options for affordable and user-friendly filters, visit our online store.


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