How to Change Sub-Zero Refrigerator Water Filter

How to Change Sub-Zero Refrigerator Water Filter

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After continuous use, water filters may become saturated with contaminants and get clogged due to debris. Therefore, to ensure clean drinking water, it is crucial to change the sub-zero refrigerator water filter regularly.

Now that you know how crucial it is to change the water filters regularly, you may also need help changing them. To change the water filter in a sub-zero refrigerator, locate where the filter is housed. Turn off the water supply and rotate the housing anti-clockwise to remove it. Take out the new filter from its packaging, insert it into the housing and rotate it clockwise until it’s secure in its place. Throw away the first few minutes of water. Don’t forget to reset the water filter life indicator after the replacement.




Tools & Materials Required For Changing Sub-Zero Refrigerator Water Filter


The tools you need to keep handy while changing a sub-zero refrigerator water filter include a new water filter and a Phillips head screwdriver.

When To Replace Or Change Out The Water Filter


Impurities like certain chemicals and minerals from the water get deposited on the filter mesh screen. This negatively affects the filtration process, and water quality is drastically reduced. To avoid this, you must change out the water filter at least every 6 months or every 300 gallons of water, whichever occurs first.

Signs You Need To Change The Filter


How to tell if your filter needs to be replaced? Here are the signs you may notice if your filter needs changing:

  • Refrigerator water has deteriorated in taste.
  • Ice from the ice maker has a bad taste.
  • A decrease in the dispenser water pressure.

Where To Purchase A Replacement Water Filter


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Remove & Replace The Water Filter


The process of removing and replacing the water filter is straightforward. Follow these instructions to remove and replace the water filter based on your type of filter.

How To Replace Sub-Zero Push-in Water Filter


Follow these steps to replace a sub-zero push-in water filter:

  • From the top of the refrigerator, pull out the bottom edge of the grille and tilt it upward
  • Push in the old filter and pull it out to remove it
  • Remove the plastic cap from the new filter and take it off
  • Align the locking tabs with the filter compartment by positioning the filter cartridge as such
  • To fix the cartridge in place, push it until you hear a click
  • Pull the filter slightly to check if it is securely placed
  • Reset the filter monitor by holding the reset button for 5 seconds
  • Throw away the first two minutes of filtered water and the first two containers of ice 

How To Replace Sub-Zero Twist-In Water Filter


Follow these steps to replace a sub-zero twist-in water filter:

  • To remove the old filter, rotate it anti-clockwise
  • Take off the plastic cap from the new filter
  • Insert the new filter in the filter compartment and rotate it till it’s securely placed
  • Press the reset button for 5 seconds, if your filter sensor was not automatically replaced
  • Throw away the first few glasses of filtered water and the first container of ice

Reset Water Filter Life After Replacement


When it comes to resetting the water filter life after replacement, you may encounter two scenarios:

  • Change filter message absent 
  • Change filter message present 

Perform the following steps to reset your water filter life after replacement, depending on whether the message is present.

If Change Filter Message Is Absent

  • Go to the options by tapping the arrow on the left side of the home screen
  • Open settings by tapping on the ‘Gear Icon’
  • Open the information menu by selecting the ‘i’ icon
  • Open the water and air filters menu by selecting ‘Filters’
  • To reset the percentage back to 100%, open the water filter settings by long pressing the ‘Dripping water icon’ for 5 seconds. 

If Change Filter Message Is Present 


Once your filter is completely spent and the filter life is at 0%, you will receive a message to change your filter. When you encounter the change filter message, select one of the following options depending on your situation:

  • If you do not have a replacement filter, tap snooze to turn off the reminder for one week. Arrange a replacement filter as soon as possible and replace it with the old one.
  • If your unit does not use a filter, tap ‘Reset Filter’ to turn the reminder off.
  • If you have a replacement filter and wish to replace the old one, this is the point to change it. 

If you use an internal unit water filter, ensure the filter life timer is enabled. To enable the filter life timer:

  • Go to the ‘Reset filter life timer?’ screen, and tap on the ‘Enabled’ option to make it bold.
  • In cases where an internal unit filter is not used, tap on the ‘Disabled’ option to make it bold.

On the ‘Reset filter life timer?’ screen

  • To reset the filter life timer and set it to 100%, tap ‘Yes’
  • Tap ‘No’ if you wish to exit the screen without resetting the filter life timer.

Can The Water Filter Notification Be Reset Through The App?


The mobile app does not allow you to reset the filter. To reset the filter life timer, you need to do it on the appliance, as mentioned in the instructions above.

Water Filter Replacement Troubleshooting


Serious filter malfunctions may occur if your appliance is not maintained correctly and the filters are not replaced. Regular maintenance is the only way to ensure a smooth experience and premium water quality. Here are some of the most common problems people encounter concerning water filters:

Drop-In Water Pressure


You may notice a sudden drop in water pressure. It can be owed to two reasons:

  • Overused water filter cartridge 
  • Clogged water filter cartridge 

More often than not, replacing the old filter with a new one will solve this issue. This problem can be avoided if the water filters are replaced regularly within their lifespans.

Bad Taste Or Smell In Water


If you notice a sudden deterioration in the taste or smell of filtered water, it may be one of the following underlying issues:

  • The filter has a 0% remaining lifespan
  • The filter cartridge in your system is incapable of getting rid of those specific tastes or odors
  • The water supply in your area is contaminated.

This issue can be solved by replacing the old filters with new ones or fixing the water supply if that is the underlying issue.



It is crucial that the water filter is changed regularly to ensure safe and healthy drinking water. Even though now you know how to change the filter, it is always advised to check and follow specific instructions provided by the manufacturer on changing the filter for that particular model. 

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