How To Change LG Water Filters?

How To Change LG Water Filters?

LG is one of the leading brands of refrigerators and water filters. Different fridge models have different locations for their filters. All you got to do is check the model number, purchase a new filter, locate the old one, open the system, and swap the two. 

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If you own an LG refrigerator with in-built water filter technology, it might be challenging to change the old filter by yourself. Don’t worry; you are at the correct place, as I have the complete guide for you. 

LG is one of the leading brands of refrigerators and water filters. Different fridge models have different locations for their filters. All you got to do is check the model number, purchase a new filter, locate the old one, open the system, and swap the two. Still confused? Keep reading. 


Where is the Water Filter Located on the LG Refrigerator?

Locating the water filter in your LG refrigerator is the first step to changing the used filter. While some refrigerators have easy-to-locate external water filters, in some, they are placed in an internal housing. So, depending on your refrigerator model and style here’s where to look for: 


  • Bottom-Freezer Style: Back of the fridge
  • French 3-Door Style: Upper left interior, upper right interior, back of the fridge, or in the left door panel Gf-water-filter-location-14
  • French 4-Door Style: Upper left interior, upper right interior, back of the fridge, or in the left door panel Gf-water-filter-location-15
  • Top-Freezer Style: Back of the fridge
  • Side-by-Side Style: Upper left interior, upper right interior, or back of the fridge GF-water-filter-location-16
  • Side-by-Side 4-Door Style: Back of the fridge
  • Side-by-Side 3-Door Style: Upper Left or inside the lower door bin 
  • Side-by-Side 3-Door View: Upper Left

How To Replace the Water Filter In LG Side-By-Side Refrigerator?

Most LG side-by-side refrigerators have a water filter located at the refrigerator's top left corner. Whenever your refrigerator indicates for filter replacement, purchase a new one and use the following steps

  1. Shut the water line valve off to drain excess water from your fridge before replacement to avoid spills. 
  2. Take out the top shelf to make space. GF-Take-out-the-top-shelf
  3. Find the Push button on the filter compartment, press it, and pull the cover down.GF-pull-the-cover-down
  4. Grab and slide the water filter down.Gf-slide-the-water-filter-down
  5. Rotate counterclockwise and pull the filter gently toward you. 
  6. Bring the new filter, and remove its wrapping. 
  7. Place the new filter in line with the socket, push it gently, and rotate it clockwise. GF-Place-the-new-filter-in-line-with-the-socket
  8. When the filter is secure, slide it back upwards. 
  9. Close the filter door back until you hear a clicking sound. 
  10. Replace the top shelf of the fridge. 
  11. Run 2.5 gallons of water at 30-second intervals to remove the trapped air and contaminants, if present. 

How Do You Reset LG Refrigerators After Changing the Filter?

As the indicator light must have turned on to indicate the need for filter replacement, you don’t have to keep it on after changing with a new filter. So, follow these steps to reset the filter system: 

  1. After the replacement is complete, hold the light button on your refrigerator's front interface for 3-5 seconds. 
  2. The light will disappear. Your LG refrigerator is reset. 

This indicator light will turn on again after 6 months or so. 

How Do You Remove a Stuck Refrigerator Water Filter?

Make sure you have enough space around you while making the change. After all, you wouldn’t want to break any part due to forceful pulling. There is always the right method: 

  • Take out the top shelf from the refrigerator's interior if your water filter housing is located at the top corner. It provides more space to pull the filter downward and remove it easily.
  • A backlog of water pressure in the water line can make it difficult to remove the filter. So, turn the water line off, and dispense any remaining water to decrease the pressure before removing the old filter.
  • If your filter’s still stuck, hire a professional service to help you change the water filter.

How Much Water to Flush Through the New Refrigerator Filter?

It is advised to always rinse or flush a new filter with water to open the pores and drain the dust or impurities left over from manufacturing. You can run at least 2-4 gallons of water through the new filter after or before the attachment. It also helps prevent your water dispenser from sputtering due to trapped air in the new filter. 

What Type of Water Filter Is Suitable for My Lg Refrigerator?

Picking out the right option from hundreds of filter styles and sizes might feel like an impossible task. Don’t worry as all the information you need is right in front of your eyes on the refrigerator itself. You don’t need the user manual as the product details are also mentioned on the label sticker or rating plate located on the fridge. 

Every branded electronic device has a model number. So, check your refrigerator model to find the water filter that fits your unit. For example, in LG refrigerators, this label is on a panel behind the salad drawer or an internal wall inside the fridge. The different LG filter models are LT500P, LT700P, LT800P, and LT1000P. 

How to Purchase a Water Filter Which Is Suitable for My LG Refrigerator?

You will find a variety of replacement filters in the market. Besides OEM filters from the LG manufacturers, you will find many compatible aftermarket filters. As the latter is economical, you should know the parameters to check before investing. This buying guide is here to help you choose the best partner for your home and refrigerator: 

NSF Certificated or Not

The NSF is an organization that tests and certifies water filtration products to ensure they meet strict quality and performance standards. We cannot emphasize enough just how important it is to check the standard certification of a product. If you want peace of mind that you have made a good purchase, read the label of the filter to see if it's NSF certified. 


For example, glacier Fresh is an aftermarket manufacturer with NSF 42, 53, and 372 certifications along with IAMPO ,which is almost the same as OEM water filters. These certifications are issued after rigorous testing by government officials to check reliability. So, you know you can trust them.


Installation of the Refrigerator Filter

The installation process for fridge water filters should be designed to be user-friendly and straightforward enough that buyers can install the filter themselves without the need for professional help.

Compatibility of the Filter

Different filters are meant for different refrigerator brands, so double-check the number and name of the filter required for your fridge model. You can search for your required model on the Glacier Fresh website. With the right filter, you can enjoy clean water without worrying about contaminants.

The Cost

After all the research, it all comes down to the cost. Your total cost, including the initial purchasing cost + maintenance charges. As every filter retires after a certain period, it needs to be replaced with a new one. 


You cannot avoid it because clean water is a necessity. An old worn out, or blocked filter can harm your health and refrigerator. So, it's wise to change the filter timely (usually 6 months). You can reduce your expenditure by going for aftermarket filters like Glacier Fresh without compromising the quality. 

Can I Only Buy Them From the Manufacturer?

No, as mentioned earlier, both OEM and aftermarket filters are available in the market. People tend to trust the OEM filters more and pay whatever amount they ask, but you should know better. Trusted and certified aftermarket filter manufacturers like Glacier Fresh can supply you with competitive quality filters with the same compatibility at a much lower cost. The decision is up to you. 



I believe this article was informative and cleared all your doubts regarding the replacement of your LG refrigerator filter. The process is pretty simple and easy to perform. All you need is the location of the old filter and a new filter in hand. 


In case you need some new LG water filters, Glacier Fresh is always here at your service. Just visit our website and search for LG water filters. You won’t be disappointed. You can check out our other blogs and filters too. 

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