Why Is Filtered Water The Best for Your Family?

Why Is Filtered Water The Best for Your Family?

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Are you concerned about the safety of the water you drink? Or are you simply looking for an alternative to buying bottled water which is expensive in the long run?

Water filtration is the perfect solution for your family. 

What Is water Filtration?

Water filtration removes small particulate matter, odor, residual chlorine, heavy metals, rust, sediment, viruses, and bacteria, improving the taste and safety of your water.

Why Is It So Important to Drink Filtered Water?

Unfiltered water is unsafe for your health. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), drinking water comes from lakes, rivers, streams, and groundwater, subject to microbial, animal by-products, pollution, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.

A study by WHO states that  2 billion people don’t have access to safely managed water, leading to an increase in water-borne diseases. If you are lucky and get your water from the municipal water supply systems, you need to ensure that the water you get is as pure as possible.

I agree that municipal water is tested and treated, but the water still passes through water pipes. How are you sure the lines are the cleanest? Or, at times, your water has a chlorine taste.

The best way to equip yourself with clean water without the chlorine taste is by adding water filtration to your home.

If you still need help deciding, below are:

Reasons Why You Should Drink Filtered Water

Better taste

Filtering water improves the taste of your drinking water by removing bacteria and chlorine that give the tap water a bland and chemical taste. Filtering water means better taste in your coffee or any other beverage or food you take.

Free from metals and impurities

Lead harms our health, and water filters are designed to remove any lead in tap water; hence, water filters play a considerable role in your family's health.

Improves your skin

You may have sensitive skin or be highly irritated by water chlorine. Filtered water can help alleviate this problem, especially for eczema or psoriasis. Anyway, even if you don’t have sensitive skin, who wouldn’t want to bathe with pure, clean water.

Protects your appliances 

The impurities in unfiltered water, such as chemicals and mineral deposits, cause wear and tear on your appliances. Using filtered water means your washing machine or dishwasher will last longer.

Saves money

No more buying bottled water that is costly even if bought in bulk. Installing water filters could pay for itself in no time.

Environmental friendly

Using a water filter means no more bottles; hence, you save money and reduce pollution.

Types of Water Filtration Systems

After the benefits, the question is, how does filtration work?

Let’s take a look at the science behind filtration.

Reverse osmosis

This water filtration system uses air pressure to pass through water into semipermeable membranes. It is used in home water filter systems and removes all water contaminants when properly installed.

Cation exchange 

These whole home water filtration systems create an attraction where negatively charged ions attract with positively charged ions in water like calcium, magnesium, and barium. These ions bring about the hardness of water; hence this system is sometimes called water softener or the exchange system.

Activated carbon

The activated carbon systems are set at one point, and tap water passes through activated filters to your faucet. These activated filters remove water contaminants, impurities, heavy metals, and chemicals in your water. However, this water filtration system is not a whole house system; hence it is cheap while the activation filters are replaced regularly.

Types of Water Filters

After learning the different methods water is filtered, you should find it easier to know what kind of filters you will need.

Refrigerator filters

Refrigerator filters depend on the make of the refrigerator, and these filters filter water from the feed water used for drinking and the ice mechanism.

Coffee maker filters

Great coffee requires water, and ordinary filters will not give you water with the minerals needed for good coffee. Coffee maker filters are on another level: they will filter water that makes the bean produce great flavored coffee. Also, these filters protect the espresso machine.

Faucet water filters

These water filters help clean municipal water by removing chlorine, foul odor, and bacteria.

Tips for Installing a Whole House Water Filtration System

Ensure that the filter matches your home.

It is vital to ensure the water filtration system you have chosen is the best fit for your home. Most home water filtration systems require different requirements during fitting and space. If you are not sure, you can consult a professional.

The water pressure is correct.

Ensure your water pressure is in a specific range suitable for your whole house water filter. Too much water pressure may damage the system, and you can rectify high pressure by buying a reducing valve.

Get a pre-filter

Pre-filter is a sediment filter that prevents debris and other particles from clogging your water filter, leading to a long-lasting home water filter system.

Install the Water House Filtration Before the Water Heaters.

Whole-house filters are designed to work with cold water and install the water house filtration before the water heaters.

Your Questions Answered

Why is filtered water good for you?

Filtered water is free from bacteria, viruses, chemicals, toxins, and impurities; hence it is good for your health.

Where can I buy filtered water?

You can buy filtered water from your grocery stores, but installing your home water filtration system is the best cost-effective solution.

Why should you drink filtered water and not tap water?

Tap water may seem clean, but it is not the purest. At a minimum, municipal tap water has traces of chlorine used to kill bacteria. You don’t want to use this water for drinking, cooking, or absorbing it on your skin while washing your hands or bathing. Yes, tap water is cleaned at the reservoir, but have you ever thought that this water will pass through pipes that may be old and rusty. Hence better be safe than sorry and drink filtered water.

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