Why Do You Need To Replace Your Refrigerator Filter Regularly?

Why Do You Need To Replace Your Refrigerator Filter Regularly?

You cannot buy a new refrigerator every time your filter stops functioning. Replacing the filter is a wise decision as it is economical and eco-friendly. Nowadays, many refrigerator filters have coconut-shell activated carbon medium, which is an organic, renewable resource.

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No filter provides an endless supply of clean water eternally. So, if you think your job is done once you have bought a good filter for your home, let me tell you, it is not. Your filtered water cannot be called clean anymore if the filter is no longer working effectively. 

You might have got your answer till now. You must replace your refrigerator filter regularly for a constant supply of healthy drinking water. Every device suffers wear and tear over time and loses functionality. So, you have to purchase a new one and change it whenever required to avoid health problems.


Do I Really Need To Change My Refrigerator Water Filter?

I understand that a filter is supposed to purify water by preventing contaminants from passing through. The filter is a barrier with minute pores and adsorption surfaces that trap these larger molecules. So, naturally, as thousands of gallons of water pass, the passages get blocked and accumulate with impurities over time. 

After this saturation stage, the contaminants overflow and enter the drinking water. As a result, water is rendered unfit or unhealthy. Thus, the only way to prevent unwanted particles and harmful pollutants from entering your water dispenser is by changing the filter. 

You can also change the filter before before time to prevent deposits and scale build-up in other parts of the refrigerator and cause damage. Mineral stains and corrosion of refrigerator pipes can cause havoc if not taken care of in time. 

What Happens If I Don't Change My Refrigerator Water Filter?


Not changing a refrigerator filter that needs replacement can end you up in greater trouble. You will not only deteriorate your health but may even have to spend hefty amounts later on healthcare and repair. 

As mentioned earlier, refrigerator filters accumulate contaminants and organic matter from the dirty water supply with time. As a result, the blocked filter surface becomes a perfect breeding ground for disease-causing bacteria and fungi. 

Imagine the harm these microorganisms and collected pollutants could do if they slip into clean water. Your drinking water will probably look tinted with a bitter taste or foul odor. Such unhealthy water can make you fall sick. 

How Often to Change Your Water Filter?

6 months is usually taken as a generalized period, after which a water filter should be changed. This maintenance is necessary for the well-being of your device and family. However, the time may vary depending on the filter you are using and the water usage in a household. 

Read the instruction manual of your purchased filter to check the lifespan and make replacements accordingly. If not, change your water filter at least every six months, given that your drinking water doesn’t show any signs of contamination before that. 


Signs You Need to Change the Filter

  • Unpleasant Water/Ice

Be alerted if your water or ice tastes, smells, or appears different. For example, the filtered water or ice from the ice maker may have a visible brownish tint. Even if they appear transparent, you may notice a strange foul odor or bitter taste. Immediately check your filter health and replace it with a new one

  • Water Dispenser Pressure is Slow

Slow water pressure is a clear sign of blockage. After separating contaminants day and night for many months, it gets clogged with these impurities. Thus, the water will have difficulty passing through and thus reach the water dispenser slowly. 

  • Ice Maker Dysfunctionality

A refrigerator ice maker is ultimately connected to the filter. After all, ice is also made from clean filtered water. But, if you notice that the ice maker is making ice slowly or has stopped making it, there is a problem. First, open the system and check for blockage. If the problem lies with the worn-out filter, change it

  • Indicator Light Turns Red

Many latest refrigerators with in-built water filters come with a light indicator feature. Different fridges may have variations of this feature, but the basic idea remains the same. The colored lights point out the current health of the filter. Green is a good sign, yellow is for alertness, and red means the need for change. So, if your replacement light turns on, change the filter quickly. 

  • More than 6 months of Use

You know that every filter has a lifespan. Unfortunately, no device can function effectively forever. So it is advisable to change your refrigerator filter at least twice a year to avoid health problems. Replacement time varies depending on your usage and water quality. Also, your filter manual may have mentioned a different replacement period. So, make the decision accordingly. 


How to Change a Refrigerator Water Filter?

Locate your Water Filter

You can use the instruction manual or look online to locate the water filter in your refrigerator and how to open it.

Turn Off the Water Supply

Pull away the refrigerator from the wall and stop the water supply between your fridge filter and tap water pipeline. 

Remove the Old Filter

Depending on your model and brand, twist the filter quarterly and pull it out. You can also push the release button if present. 

Install the Filter

Depending on the water filter housing and type, simply twist the new filter back in place or push it into position.

Turn the Water Supply Back On

Turn the pipeline valve to the ON position to resume the water supply to the refrigerator filter and push your refrigerator back into place. Fetch the first batch of clean water to see if it's working properly. 


Is Replacing Your Refrigerator Water Filter Worth It?

You cannot buy a new refrigerator every time your filter stops functioning. Replacing the filter is a wise decision as it is economical and eco-friendly. Nowadays, many refrigerator filters have coconut-shell activated carbon medium, which is an organic, renewable resource. 

Water is a significant part of our diet and plays a vital role in our daily bodily functions. Replacing an old filter ensures that your drinking water stays healthy and you do not contract any health issues. Otherwise, if you get sick, your body suffers, and so do your finances as you pay multiple visits to a doctor or hire a professional to reverse the damage. 

Changing Refrigerator Water Filter Is Not As Pricey As You Think

You are mistaken if you think that changing a refrigerator water filter is an expensive affair. You have to make these replacements just twice or thrice a year. Moreover, these filters cost less than bottled drinking water and last much longer. 

Cheer up, as here at Glacier Fresh; we have a range of affordable refrigerator water filters for your needs. Our fine filters have a premium activated carbon medium to provide clean and healthy water every day for cheap. 



You must have understood the importance of changing refrigerator water filters regularly. These filters are easy to change single-handedly. In case of difficulty, you can ask for professional help. If you do not replace a worn-out filter in time, you may create a bigger problem in the future. 

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our refrigerator filters and make a wise decision today. Do not forget to read our blogs to learn more about water quality, filtration devices, and their maintenance. 

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