What is NSF/ANSI Certification?

What is NSF/ANSI Certification?

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You may have noticed a lot of purifier companies state that they are NSF/ANSI certified. Have you ever wondered what that means? If yes, then keep reading because, in this article, you will know what NSF/ANSI certification means, and how companies that sell purifiers receive that certification. 

NSF/ANSI 61 is a performance-based standard that evaluates the number of contaminants that filter from the products into drinking water, rather than setting prescriptive limits on content. This differs in parts of the world. 

Companies submit items for assessment. If they pass the assessments, they are certified. Those items can now show the NSF/ANSI seal on their packaging. Even though NSF/ANSI is a non-governmental organization, it does hold value because it has contracts with the government.


Significance of NSF/ANSI

The significance of NSF/ANSI includes getting certified by an agency that holds importance and is trusted by people. It proves that the water purifier has gone through certain tests to gain the certification that it is safe, and clean water for drinking. 

Another significance of certification is that the standards and procedure of the certification are available online so any person can go through that to get an idea regarding how safe a certain purifier’s water is when it comes to clean drinking water. 

If a brand has received certification it means that it has gotten through the process of assessment and following certain requirements which one can find easily and know how clean the water is.


For taste & odour, the classes represent chlorine reduction efficiency:

Class I, a minimum of 75% chlorine reduction

Class II, 50% reduction

Class III, 25%

Water Purifiers with NSF/ANSI Certification

One of the companies that have this certification includes Glacier Fresh. Their water purifiers have gone through the process to gain the certification and can be considered safe drinking water. 

Why Buy from Glacier Fresh 

Glacier Fresh was established in 2017 and since then they have been providing purifiers to their customers including water purifiers. Their products are made of premium quality raw material, have perfect filters, are efficient to use, and are affordable. 

Another reason why you should buy their products is that they are NSF/ANSI certified which makes it easier for you to know what is in your water, how much chlorine is added, what processes it goes through. 

Why Invest in a Purifier 

The water in your tap has a lot of pollutants. It may contain dirt, bacteria, and even viruses which can make you sick or lead to severe health problems. A human body is designed to function best on clean water. 

Where can you get that clean water? You get it from purifiers that ensure that you have clean and safe drinking water as it removes contaminants from the water, makes the odour go away, and makes it safe for you to drink. A water purifier also works to give your water a better taste which is why tap water and purified water taste different if you have ever tried them both at the same time. 

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