Top 10 Ways Water Benefits the Body

Top 10 Ways Water Benefits the Body

Did you know that anytime you feel thirsty, it is a sign of dehydration? You should not wait until you feel thirsty to drink water. Instead, make a point to drink water after every two hours because it is good for your health. 

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Our bodies need water to function properly. Body tissues, organs, and cells cannot perform their functions well without water. And since you end up losing a lot of water when breathing, walking, sweating, and even digesting, it is important to rehydrate. If you don't drink enough water, these organs can get damaged over time.


Are you wondering what the benefits of drinking water are? Read on to find out. 

Here are the top ten ways water benefits the body. 


1. Aids digestion


Water is essential for healthy digestion since it helps break down nutrients. Water absorbs faster into the bloodstream through the large and small intestines. And in turn, it helps break down nutrients for rapid absorption.


During the absorption, the stool changes from liquid to solid. According to MedlinePlus, water is also essential for digesting soluble fiber. It turns the fiber into a gel slowing digestion.


2. Body temperature regulation

Water can also help adjust the body's temperature depending on your surroundings. Remember, the body prevents overheating through sweating when temperatures rise above optimal levels. 


Apart from getting rid of toxins from the body, water can help cool the body. The sweat that settles on your skin acts as a heat exchanger. So, cooling occurs due to the fastest-moving water molecules escaping as vapor.


3. Brain function 


Crucial hydration benefits include; cognition, nutrient delivery, efficient memory, and thought processing. While asleep at night, the brain eliminates toxins. 


With enough water, removing toxins from the skin is much smoother. You can be sure to wake up more energized and focused, with utmost clarity and fast thinking. Studies show that proper hydration can help reduce the risks of Alzheimer's.


4. Boosting skin health

As the largest organ in your body, your skin requires proper hydration to prevent fluid loss. Other functions include storing lipids and generally protecting the organs underneath. Regular water intake can also help maintain the skin's elasticity, so it doesn't sag or wrinkle out.


Water also helps your skin heal faster, especially if you've been sunburnt. Note that puffy skin is a sign that you aren't consuming enough water. Generally, water consumption is the natural way to keep your skin beaming and glowing.


5. Weight loss


Most Scientific Researchers suggest that water can help you lose weight in many ways. Some include suppressing your appetite, exercising better, and boosting your metabolism.


Thirst is often mistaken for hunger. Water promotes efficient satiation since it passes faster through your system. Additionally, it stretches the stomach a bit, sending signals of fullness. 


Other weight loss advantages of water include;

  • burning fat
  • boosting motivation
  • reducing stress
  • reducing the intake of caloric liquid

6. Helps with exercise 

During exercise, the body loses water through sweating. But drinking lots of water can help replenish the lost amount of fluid. Generally, you'll decrease the risks of heat stress while maintaining optimal body performance. 


According to health experts, you should drink water while exercising. This helps quench your thirst and replace lost fluids. Fluids to steer clear off while exercising are soft and cordial drinks. It is best to avoid caffeine and other diuretic drinks also. Such drinks put you at risk of losing more fluids through frequent urination.


7. Headache prevention


Dehydration is often associated with headache and migraine frequency. 


Causes of dehydration include; 

  • drinking salty broths
  • high alcohol intake
  • consuming too much juice
  • excessive vomiting
  • diarrhea


Water alone may not help get rid of headaches. But it is good enough for preventing and even fighting them off. You can solve migraines caused by dehydration within three hours of drinking water. So, a glass or two should do the trick.


8. Eye health 

Your eyes need proper hydration to function well. That is why regular water intake is necessary. Lack of enough water in your system can lead to blurred vision, eye strain, and even dry eyes. 


Dehydration can make it difficult for your eyes to produce enough tears. And without enough fluid, they can't remain well-lubricated. Eye lubrication is essential to help get rid of dirt and dust particles that may sneak into your eyes.


9. Removing body waste


Water serves as a lubricant when it comes to flushing out toxins from your body. Note that water isn't a toxin neutralizer. Enough water supply in your system ensures organs efficient functioning of critical organs. For example, kidneys removing toxins from the body.


Did you know that weight, sex, age, and activity level determine proper hydration? With it flushing out toxins should be easy with these factors optimal. 


10. Kidneys health

Did you know that your urine's color can determine whether you're drinking enough water or not? If your urine is pale or straw-colored, it means you're well hydrated. Anything darker than either of the two suggests chronic dehydration. 


Producing dark-colored urine may also mean high waste product concentration in the kidneys. Such concentration levels can lead to the formation of crystals. This may affect kidney functions, making you susceptible to kidney diseases. Regular water consumption can help flush out the waste and minerals in your kidneys.


How to Ensure Your Water is Safe for Proper Everyday Hydration

Coupling proper hydration with fresh, clean water can yield significant benefits health-wise. There are many ways you can make water safe for drinking at home. Filtration is an efficient method used by many people. The process uses water filters to remove contaminants, odor, and smell from water. 


Glacier Fresh offers powerful water filters that boost the taste of your water and keep it free of bacteria. We have all types of refrigerator water filter models and they are BPA-free. Our water filters are made with activated carbon from coconut shells. Expect our water filters to reduce up to 66 types of water contaminants including waterborne parasites and pesticides. 



Drinking the recommended eight glasses daily can seem like a tough hassle. But in the long run, it will yield extensive mental and physical health benefits. Aside from water alone, you can boost your fluid intake by eating more fruits and vegetables. Fruits and veggies contain about 20% of the fluid you consume from food. 

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