Things to Consider When Buying an Air Filter

Things to Consider When Buying an Air Filter

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A lot of times we do not realize that the air we breathe in is quite toxic, and has many pollutants in it. One would think that the air inside their home would be purer than the air outside however, that is not always the case.

The air that we have inside our homes often comes from the outside, which includes pollution, diseases, bacteria, viruses etcetera. Especially during a time like this when the world is affected by Covid-19, it is important to have an air filter around. It does not take away the risk of catching the virus completely, but it surely does clean your air to a significant extent. Here are things you should consider when buying an air filter;

1.Price Point 

One of the thighs you should consider when buying an air filter is the price point. There are expensive, affordable, and cheap options available in the market. It depends on your budget how much you can spend on an air filter.

An expensive one is more likely to be manufactured using high-quality raw materials, therefore may last longer, while a cheap option may last for a short period. However other factors come into play such as how much does the air filter gets used, how long is it used for, etcetera. 

2.Level of Noise 

Air filters can be quite loud which makes them less likely to be used regularly or when the room is in use. It also depends on the fan settings, and if you buy one with a low dB rating, those are less likely to create a lot of noise.

The best way to use an air filter is while the room is not occupied. The reason for this is that the air purifier can do its job well without causing distress due to the noise. Once it has done its work, the room can be used. You can occupy the room even while the air filter is working, but it may be more convenient if you leave it.

3.Type of Air Filter 

Another important thing you should consider when buying an air filter is which type of air filter you would want to go for. The different types are for different kinds of air purification, and pollution.

There is the True HEPA filter which targets the tiniest particles and ensures that whatever reaches your lungs, is the purest form of the air. Carbon filters help people who have allergies. They do not precisely target the smallest particle, but still, do quite a good job of purifying the air. 

There are other filters that you can look up before you invest in an air filter, as great of an investment it is if you buy the wrong one, it may be a waste of your money.

4.Room Size 

It is important to consider how big your room is before investing in an air filter. If it is an average-sized room, you can find an affordable air filter. However, if it's a huge room, you may have to look into something with a higher level of capacity. Areas like the living room usually require air filters with high capacity however, sometimes bedrooms do too.

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