Things to Consider Before Choosing a Water Purifier!

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Water Purifier!

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Before selecting a water filter, here’s a quick mantra to get hold of the right one!

You must follow a simple rule of “KNOW, UNDERSTAND, CHOOSE.”

Wondering How This Can Help?


  • Know your water source
  • Understand the water’s TDS levels
  • And choose the right technology

Here is the complete description of what you must consider!


1.The quality and source of the drinking water?

Generally, the water with TDS that is total dissolved solids under 200 ppm is considered safe. And a right purifier can help remove the bacteria from the water, serving you a healthy and safe water consumption only.

Several water purifiers are a combination of diverse technologies, and this TDS level also helps you choose the water purifier type that matches your requirements. This factor consideration can help you choose the right one.

Pro-Tip: To get hold of the low TDS water that is 200 ppm or less, you may need a UV or UF water filter or a combination of both.

2.Which water purifier type is best for you?

After getting confirmation on the TDS, choose the filter that is the right fit for your water.

This may include exploring the various available options, including the single or a combination of technologies.

3.How much storage capacity do you require?

Water filters offer different water storage capacities. And if you have more family members at your home, this can be a greater consideration factor for you.

The water purifier storage tank capacity can serve a varied number of water glasses at home.

Each family consumes a minimum of 4-5 liters of water every day. Your family’s water consumption amount can help you choose the right one.

4.What storage tank works best?

Even the filters have storage tanks of diverse materials. Some are stainless steel, while others are plastic tanks. And even the new technology adoption has brought copper materials also to provide the potential health benefits.

Plastics types are indeed pocket-friendly choices, but germs may also resurface there. However, the other types offer longer safety periods.

5.What facilities do you require?

Do you require the facilities of cold and hot water from your purifier?

If your choice is to have both, then some high-end water filters can be your pick.

And if not, then some other types will also work.

Tips for choosing the right water filter!

  • Understand Your Requirements

Water filters usually remove only particular contaminants that are already mentioned on their labels. However, you gotta be aware of what type of contamination already prevails in your home’s water supply.

You can check the contaminants list that the water filter you prefer to choose eliminates. Analyze everything well.

  • Explore the Categories

With a wide range of categories in terms of filtration technologies and purifying techniques, you must explore the extensive range of water purifiers that you can choose from. You can explore the possibilities in terms of durability, performance, cost, and maintenance to get hold of the right one.

  • Check the Warranty and Maintenance Cost of the Water Filter

Verifying the warranty and maintenance cost is also an essential factor to consider.

Some water filters offer one year warranty while others offer up to 3 years. Some are initially cost-effective, while their maintenance cost is way higher.

So, this can be one of the essential aspects.

You must choose the one that requires low maintenance and delivers higher performance.

Do you think this sums up the requirements for choosing a water filter?


Here are a few essentials that you must check on.

A few essentials to be verified!

  • Service quality

The service quality adheres to the utmost importance. And for this, you can check this factor with your family, friends, and others to get information about a particular brand.

You can also check the online reviews on various platforms to get a hold of the right one.

  • Service coverage

The product services never end once you leave the store.There is a long way to go.

And for this, you must ensure that the particular brand’s services cover your area—Cross-verify whether the brand’s services cover your geographical location or not.

  • The promise of parts availability from the purchase date

Sometimes the discontinued models are the major point of concern.

When the model gets discontinued, the brand refuses to provide the services of the part or revert with the spare parts unavailable. Hence, prefer buying the recent model with the assurance of getting the parts available whenever required.

So that you can always choose to get your faucet water filter or refrigerator water filter replaced whenever required.

Essential to note!

Do not forget to test the water quality.

Before choosing the water filter, you must decide to test the water quality.

One size fits all rule doesn’t apply here.

So it is imperative to check the water quality that you will be getting before making the final decision.

You can always do it by checking the following:

  • Check the taste
  • Smell the water
  • Verify the presence of the particles
  • Check the corrosion development
  • Check the color

Bottom Line!

While choosing the water filter, you must check all the essential features that are required to be considered. However, following the criteria mentioned above might help you choose the right one for you.

And we are ensured that by following this guide, you will likely get the right fit for your home. Get a filter that checks all the points of having a water purifier for you.

Most essentially, depending on the need, you can always choose to have the beneficial one in all terms.

While addressing all the needs of having a healthy water purification solution for your home, Glacier Fresh Filter is the complete one-stop solution to handle it all.

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