Best Water Filter Pitchers for 2024: Our Recommendations for Clean Drinking Water

Best Water Filter Pitchers for 2024: Our Recommendations for Clean Drinking Water

In this article, we will recommend 6 best water filter pitcher in the market. With our recommendations, you can finally bid farewell to those unpleasant water contaminants and enjoy a refreshing glass of H2O. Say goodbye to the days of wondering what's lurking in your water. 

Table of Contents:

What is a water filter pitcher and how does it work?
What`s in your water?
Why do we need to use a water filter pitcher?
Top-rated water filter pitcher in 2024
Factors to consider before choosing a water filter pitcher


Are you tired of drinking tap water that tastes like a swimming pool? Look no further! Introducing the best water filter pitchers for 2024, where clean drinking water is just a pour away. With our recommendations, you can finally bid farewell to those unpleasant water contaminants and enjoy a refreshing glass of H2O. Say goodbye to the days of wondering what's lurking in your water. These top-rated pitchers will ensure that every sip is pure and clean. But before you make a purchase, there are a few factors to consider. So, let's dive in and discover the best water filter pitcher for you!

What is a water filter pitcher and how does it work?

Glacier Fresh Water Filter Pitcher

To understand how Glacier Fresh water filter pitcher works, you should know it operates through activated carbon. This activated carbon, also known as activated charcoal, is a porous material that has been treated to increase its surface area, allowing it to trap impurities and contaminants in water effectively.

When water is poured into the pitcher, it passes through the activated carbon filter, which acts as a barrier, capturing particles like chlorine, sediment, and heavy metals. This process helps improve the taste and odor of the water, making it more pleasant to drink.

Water filter pitchers offer several benefits, such as convenience and affordability. They're easy to use and require no installation or plumbing. They're a cost-effective solution for those who want to enjoy cleaner and healthier drinking water without expensive filtration systems.

What`s in your water?


Fluoride is a common element that you should be aware of in your water. Fluoride has been added to public drinking water supplies for many years due to its benefits for dental health. It helps to prevent tooth decay and strengthen tooth enamel, reducing the risk of cavities.

However, there are also concerns about fluoride consumption. Some studies suggest that excessive fluoride intake may lead to dental fluorosis, which causes white spots or streaks on teeth. If you're worried about fluoride in your water, there are alternatives available. You can use water filter pitchers that specifically remove fluoride or consider using bottled water that's labeled as fluoride-free. It's important to note that fluoride in drinking water is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ensure safe levels for consumption.

Heavy metals

Heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, mercury, and cadmium can be found in drinking water. These heavy metals can pose serious health risks if consumed in high amounts. Lead, for example, can lead to developmental issues in children, while arsenic has been linked to an increased risk of cancer.

Testing for heavy metals in water is crucial to ensure its safety, especially if you live in an older building or an area with industrial activity. Long-term exposure to heavy metals can have harmful effects on your health, including organ damage and neurological disorders.

Volatile organic chemicals(VOCs)

VOCs are organic compounds that quickly evaporate into the air and can contaminate drinking water sources. Exposure to VOCs can have adverse health effects, including respiratory issues, headaches, and even cancer. Sources of VOC contamination include industrial emissions, gasoline and diesel fuels, and household products like cleaning supplies and solvents. VOC testing and monitoring are crucial to ensure water safety, and regulations and standards are in place to limit VOC levels in drinking water. To reduce exposure to VOCs, you can properly store and dispose of chemicals, use ventilation when using them, and opt for natural alternatives whenever possible.

Endocrine disrupting chemicals

Discover the potential presence of endocrine-disrupting chemicals in your water. These hormone disruptors can have profound health implications, affecting our reproductive systems, thyroid function, and hormone balance. While regulatory standards exist to limit the levels of these chemicals, it's essential to be aware that they may still be present in our water sources.

Why do we need to use a water filter pitcher?

Improved taste and smell in drinking water

Using a water filter pitcher, you can experience enhanced taste and smell in your drinking water. Filtering tap water can significantly improve quality and remove common contaminants, resulting in a refreshing and clean taste. Here are some reasons why using a water filter pitcher can enhance the taste and smell of your drinking water:

- Eliminates chlorine and other chemicals that can give tap water an unpleasant odor.
- Removes sediments and impurities, ensuring a cleaner and fresher taste.
- Filters out any lingering taste of minerals or metals, such as lead or copper, that may be present in your tap water.

Using a water filter pitcher, you can customize your water to suit your taste preferences, whether you prefer a crisp and pure taste or a softer and more mineral-rich flavor.

Removal of harmful contaminants from drinking water

Filtering your tap water using a water filter pitcher ensures the removal of harmful contaminants, providing you with clean and safe drinking water. Contaminated drinking water can pose serious health risks, including gastrointestinal illnesses, reproductive problems, and even long-term effects on neurodevelopment.

Common sources of water contamination include chemicals from industrial waste, agricultural runoff, and aging infrastructure. While there are various filtration methods available, water filter pitchers offer several benefits. They're cost-effective, easy to use, and portable, making them suitable for households of all sizes. Regular filter replacement is crucial to maintain water quality, as filters can become saturated and less effective over time.

Improved health benefits from cleaner drinking water

Ensuring cleaner drinking water through a water filter pitcher improves health. By removing harmful contaminants, you can experience long-term health benefits that positively impact your overall well-being. Here are some ways cleaner water can benefit your health:

- Improved digestion: Clean water helps your digestive system function properly, promoting better nutrient absorption and reducing digestive issues.

- Enhanced immune system: Removing impurities from your drinking water can strengthen your immune system, making you less susceptible to illnesses and infections.

- Skin health improvement: Clean water can improve the health and appearance of your skin, reducing breakouts and promoting a more youthful complexion.

- Increased energy levels: Drinking clean water hydrates your body effectively, increasing energy levels and improving cognitive function.

Cost savings compared to bottled or tap water

Opting for a water filter pitcher can save money compared to purchasing bottled water or relying solely on tap water. Not only do water filter pitchers provide cost savings, but they also have a positive environmental impact. Bottled water contributes to plastic waste, which harms the environment. Using a water filter pitcher can reduce your plastic consumption and help protect our planet.

Top-rated water filter pitcher in 2024

Glacier Fresh Best Water Filter Pitcher

Glacier Fresh Water Filter Pitcher

The Glacier Fresh water filter pitcher is the top-rated choice for clean drinking water in 2024. Here's why it stands out among the rest:

Excellent Filtration Performance---Glacier Fresh water filter pitcher uses 100% Sri Lanka-selected coconut shell carbon blocks with superb technology to produce filter materials with micropores of 0.2 microns to reduce 99% of chlorine and improve the smell and taste of your water by an independent laboratory test. The combination of membrane filter and activated carbon filter makes its filtration effectiveness better than any other counterparts. In addition to reducing chlorine, Glacier Fresh water filter pitchers also remove lead, mercury, and chemicals, including PFAS, herbicides, pesticides, dirt, sand, and cloudiness.

Eco-Friendly---Glacier Fresh Water Pitcher can save up to 300 standard 16.9-ounce plastic water bottles or up to 2100 bottles a year. The filter can not only lower your costs and Improve taste but also reduce the waste of plastics and protect the environment.

Ergonomic & Portable Design---Glacier Fresh water pitcher is made of hand-blown shatter-resistant glass, FDA food-grade compliant material. It has ergonomic handles, which can be easily operated by one hand for easy pouring. The design of the spout lid can help keep dust and other particles from getting into the pitcher.

Stylish Appearance----The modern solid color design of the water filter jug, coupled with the 7-cup filtration capacity and compact body, is perfect for dormitories, homes, or offices. When drinking water from the pitcher, you will enjoy the water's sweetness and bring your family and friends a happier mood.

Brita Standard Everyday Water Pitcher

The Brita Standard Everyday Water Pitcher is the number one rated water filter pitcher in 2024, offering the best clean and safe drinking water solution. With its advanced filtration technology, this pitcher effectively removes impurities such as chlorine, lead, and mercury, providing you with great-tasting water every time. The Brita pitcher features a convenient flip-top lid for easy refilling, a comfortable grip handle, and a sticker indicator that reminds you when to replace the filter.

ZeroWater Ready-Pour Water Filter Pitcher

ZeroWater pitcher uses a 5-stage filtration system to remove virtually all dissolved solids, providing clean and pure drinking water. It has a built-in water quality meter that measures your water's total dissolved solids (TDS), allowing you to monitor the filter's performance. The pitcher has a large capacity of 10 cups, ensuring you always have enough filtered water.

According to independent lab tests, ZeroWater consistently outperforms other water filter pitchers in terms of removing contaminants. Its filtration technology is more advanced, ensuring superior water quality. The pitcher has an ergonomic handle and a convenient flip-top lid, making it easy to pour and refill. Its sleek and compact design allows it to fit in most refrigerator doors. While it may be slightly more expensive than other pitchers, the excellent filtration performance justifies the price.

Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher

Epic Pure water filter pitcher has an attractive slim design that holds 10 cups of water, and its solid carbon-core filter has an LED countdown that begins counting backward from 90 days when installed, so you know exactly when you need to replace the filter.

The filter, though, is enormous, taking up a lot of room in the bottom receptacle that captures the filtered water, so when you fill the top half with water, the filtered water stays trapped in the filter until you pour water out. At four minutes, the Epic Water also took the longest to filter water, and it added a scant 5 PPM to tap water, which we account for as carbon from the filter. On the plus side, however, the Epic Water filter lasts for 150 gallons, which surpasses the Brita Longlast filter by 30 gallons and is several dollars cheaper.

Auqagear Water Filter Pitcher

Auqagear water filter pitcher is highly recommended for its outstanding features and customer reviews. The Auqagear water filter pitcher claims its coconut-carbon filter removes 2000% more contaminants than other pitchers and retains healthy minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium. We cannot challenge their claim other than through testing, and after multiple tests, the Aquagear filter increased mineral deposits even more than the Epic Water filter did.

With a capacity of 120 gallons, this pitcher is perfect for small to medium-sized households. It also features a sleek design, an ergonomic handle, and a convenient pour spout, making it easy to use and store. Compared to other brands, the Auqagear Water Filter Pitcher consistently ranks higher in filtration efficiency and overall customer satisfaction.

PUR Ultimate Filtration Water Filter Pitcher

The PUR Ultimate Filtration pitcher utilizes advanced filtration technology to remove contaminants and provide clean drinking water. Its best features include a MAXION filter that reduces 99% of lead and removes other harmful substances such as mercury and pesticides. Customer reviews praise its ability to improve the taste and odor of tap water.

Regarding price, the PUR Ultimate Filtration pitcher offers excellent value for money compared to other high-end brands. To ensure optimal performance, following maintenance tips such as regularly replacing the filter and cleaning the pitcher is critical. With the PUR Ultimate Filtration Water Filter Pitcher, you can enjoy clean and refreshing water from your home.

Factors to consider before choosing a water filter pitcher

Glacier Fresh Water Filter Pitcher

Capacity and flow rate

When choosing a water filter pitcher, it's essential to consider the capacity and flow rate to ensure optimal filtration and convenience. Here are some factors to keep in mind:

- Flow rate: Look for a pitcher with a fast flow rate so you don't have to wait too long for filtered water to fill your glass. A higher flow rate means quicker access to clean drinking water.

- Pitcher design: Consider the size and shape of the pitcher. Choose one that fits comfortably in your refrigerator and has a capacity that meets your needs. A slim design can save space, while a larger capacity can accommodate a larger household.

- Filter lifespan and replacement cost: Check how long the filter lasts and the cost of replacement filters. It's important to find a pitcher with a filter that has a reasonable lifespan and affordable replacement filters.

- Filter media effectiveness: Research the effectiveness of the filter media in removing contaminants. Look for certified filters to remove impurities, ensuring your water is clean and safe.

Filtration process and replacement parts

Consider the filtration process and availability of replacement parts when selecting a water filter pitcher for clean drinking water. The filtration efficiency of the pitcher is crucial in ensuring that contaminants are effectively removed from your water. Look for pitchers that have high filtration efficiency ratings to ensure the best quality water. Additionally, consider the filter lifespan and the cost of replacing the filters. Some filters last longer than others and may be more cost-effective in the long run. It's also important to find out the availability and cost of replacement filters to ensure you can easily maintain your pitcher. Stay updated on filter technology advancements and follow filter maintenance tips to ensure optimal performance and longevity of your water filter pitcher.

NSF international certification & BPA-free material

To ensure the safety and quality of your drinking water, it's important to prioritize water filter pitchers that have NSF international certification for filtration effectiveness and are made with BPA-free materials. When considering which water filter pitcher to choose, keep in mind the following factors:

- NSF International Certification: Look for water filter pitchers that have been certified by NSF International, an independent organization that tests and certifies the performance and safety of water filtration products. This certification ensures that the pitcher effectively removes contaminants from your water.

- BPA-Free Materials: Opt for water filter pitchers that are made with BPA-free materials. BPA, or bisphenol A, is a chemical that can leach into your drinking water and has been linked to potential health risks. Choosing a pitcher made with BPA-free materials helps to minimize your exposure to this harmful chemical.

- Filtration Effectiveness: Consider the filtration effectiveness of the pitcher. Look for models that use long-lasting filters capable of removing a wide range of contaminants, including chlorine, lead, mercury, and more.

Ease of use and maintenance requirements

Choose a water filter pitcher designed with user-friendly features to ensure easy use and minimal maintenance. Look for pitchers that have easy-to-fill reservoirs and comfortable handles for easy pouring. Additionally, consider the maintenance requirements of the pitcher before making a purchase. Some maintenance tips to keep in mind include regularly cleaning the pitcher and replacing the filters as the manufacturer recommends. User reviews can also provide valuable insights into a particular water filter pitcher's ease of use and maintenance requirements. When considering the cost of replacement filters, it is essential to factor in the filters' longevity to determine the pitcher's overall value. By choosing a water filter pitcher that is easy to use and maintain, you can ensure clean and refreshing drinking water for you and your family.


How often should I replace the filter in a water filter pitcher?

You should replace the filter in your water filter pitcher every six to eight weeks for optimal performance and clean drinking water. Regularly replacing the filter ensures that it continues effectively removing impurities from your drinking water.

Are water filter pitchers effective in removing fluoride from tap water?

Water filter pitchers' effectiveness in removing fluoride from tap water is a commonly asked question. While water filter pitchers effectively remove many impurities from tap water, their ability to remove fluoride can vary. Some water filter pitchers use activated carbon filters, which aren't specifically designed to remove fluoride. However, water filter pitchers on the market use additional fluoride removal methods such as ion exchange or reverse osmosis. These methods are more effective in reducing fluoride levels in tap water.


So there you have it, our recommendations for the best water filter pitchers in 2024. With the increasing concern about the quality of our drinking water, it's essential to invest in a reliable filter pitcher. By removing impurities and contaminants, these pitchers ensure clean and safe drinking water for you and your family. Consider factors like filter lifespan, capacity, and certification before deciding. Cheers to a healthier and more refreshing hydration experience!


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