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400GPD Tankless UnderSink Reverse Osmosis System, No Electric Drive- Glacierfresh U01
400GPD Tankless UnderSink Reverse Osmosis System, No Electric Drive- Glacierfresh U01
400GPD Tankless UnderSink Reverse Osmosis System, No Electric Drive- Glacierfresh U01
400GPD Tankless UnderSink Reverse Osmosis System, No Electric Drive- Glacierfresh U01

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400GPD Tankless UnderSink Reverse Osmosis System, No Electric Drive- Glacierfresh U01

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• U01 Reverse osmosis filter system without electric drive: More energy-efficient and quieter.
•Advanced 5-Stage Filtration: Remove asbestos, mercury, arsenic, chlorine, nitrates, nitrites, drugs, heavy metals, microplastics, Fluoride, PFOA, PFOS, PFAS and lead with a filtration rate of up to 99.99%.
• 400 GPD High Flow Rate: Get 1.5L(0.4gallon) of water per minute.
• Tankless Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System: Save space and no water leakage.
• 2.5:1 Purified Water to Drain Ratio: Water waste is reduced, and filter life is extended.
• All-in-one Body for Easy Installation and Quick Replacement: No external water tank, no water leakage.


Filter Long-Lasting

Are you still worried about the numerous pipelines, difficult installation and high cost of RO water system?

Glacierfresh ro water filter system functions

Manufacturer direct sales

Affordable and Attractive price

When you are amazed at the price and functions of Glacierfresh U01 RO water system, In fact, all our products are sold directly by the manufacturer, avoiding the dealer's markup.

When you have any after-sales problems, we will help you solve it faster than other merchants. At the same time, if you trust Glacierfresh, we sincerely invite you to participate in the co-creation of our new products.

5-Stage Filtration

Drink Clean, Fresh, Safe Water

This reverse osmosis system features 5-stage precision filtration, including a powerful 0.0001μm RO membrane, which reduces TDS, PFOA, PFOS, chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, lead, etc., providing you with healthy, pure water.

2.5:1 Pure to Drain

Economical Water Choice

Glacierfresh under sink RO systems U01 is environmentally friendly and efficient, with an unmatched 2.5:1 purified water to drain ratio, saving precious water resources.

Ro Membrane 0.0001 Micron

No Electric Drive

U01 RO filtration system support without electric drive, So it will be more energy-efficient and quieter. Reduce or even eliminate noise

And our reverse osmosis system passed strict quality control and CE/ISO/NSF certification.

Working Theory and Matching parts

Water Flow Schematic Diagram

  • From A to B: From Feed Water Adapter to INPUT Water Port ("Feed").
  • From C to D: From FILTERED Water Port ("Drink") to Faucet.
  • From E to F: From Drain Saddle to WASTE Water Port

Matching parts:

  • RO faucet ✖1
  • White PE Tubing ✖2, Blue PE Tubing ✖1
  • Feed Water Adapter(3/8"-1/2") ✖1
  • Reducing Coupling (3/8"x 1/4" ) ✖1
  • Faucet Hanging Plate ✖1

Tankless design

Never take up too much space or appear cluttered

Glacierfresh U01 have a reasonable size,7.09* 16.93*18.11 inch. saves a lot of space.

If you have a small kitchen space, you can't go wrong with the Glacier Fresh reverse osmosis filtration system.

glacierfresh undersink ro system u01

Glacier Fresh undersink ro water filter system product vision

Make complex things simple

The operation is very simple. Our customers (especially for women) no longer need to spend time and energy on installation.

All-in-one machine, no need to pay a plumber, you can easily install it yourself according to our user manual.


How to use GF-U01?

No, The Glacierfresh u01 ro water filter system support no electric drive, No need for additional power connection, helping you save energy and reduce costs

In order to avoid the vibration which can affect the use experience, please ensure that there is an about 1-inch gap between the RO system and the cabinet. The size of the RO Filtration system is 18.11 "* 7.09" * 16.93 ", without a storage tank. It's very thin and takes up very little space.

Glacierfresh RO systems are designed for DIY installation. You can install the system in 30 minutes. Simply refer to the instruction manual and instructional videos, or contact us by email.

No noise, If you are tired of the noise, this machine will be your best choice.

The active carbon filter has a 6-month lifetime; the RO filter has a 1-2year lifetime.

It's recommended to drill a hole of 0.7"- 1.4". If there's a reserved hole for the soap dispenser on your countertop, you could use that to install the RO faucet directly.

Learn more about reverse osmosis filtration system

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a water purification process that uses a partially permeable membrane to filter out impurities from drinking water. During the RO process, pressure is applied to overcome the osmotic pressure, a colligative property driven by the chemical potential difference of the solvent, which is a thermodynamic parameter. The result is that solutes are retained on the pressurized side of the membrane, while pure water is allowed to pass through the other side. In order to be "selective", such a membrane should not allow large molecules or ions to pass through the pores, but should allow the filtered clean water to pass freely.

All RO systems will produce concentrated water to discharge impurities. Compared to traditional RO water purifiers, Waterdrop RO system produces less concentrated water and saves 300% more water. You can collect concentrated water to mop the floor, wash your car, do laundry, etc.

Reverse osmosis water purifiers rely on semi-permeable membranes to filter impurities from drinking water. When tap water passes through the RO membrane, purified water and wastewater are produced. The ratio of purified water to wastewater is called the wastewater ratio. A 1:1 wastewater ratio means that 1 gallon of water is wasted for every 1 gallon of water purified, while a 2:1 wastewater ratio means that 1 gallon of water is wasted for every 2 gallons of water purified. The higher the wastewater ratio, the less wastewater is produced during the filtration process. When using an RO water purifier, the actual wastewater ratio may be lower than the nominal value, depending on a variety of factors such as water quality, pH, pressure, and temperature.


My experience has been absolutely fantastic. The installation process was a breeze, taking me only about 20 minutes to complete. Now, I not only enjoy clean water but also savor the remarkably pure taste it provides.


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