GLACIER FRESH Kaffeefilter Wasserfilter kompatibel mit AquaClean CA6707 CA6903, 4-Pack

GLACIER FRESH Kaffeefilter Wasserfilter kompatibel mit AquaClean CA6707 CA6903, 4-Pack

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Up to 70% savings from original brand

• Modell: GF-58
• Kompatibel mit AquaClean CA6707 CA6903/00 CA6903/01 CA6903/99 CA6903
• Alle 2 Monat austauschen
• Bitte hinterlassen Sie eine Bewertung, nachdem Sie verwenden. erhalten 10% Rückerstattung

Quantity:4-pack ($11.33/each)

We’ve upgraded our packaging for a modern and fresh look. While we are introducing the new packaging to the market, we still have inventory with existing packaging. Products with either packaging will be shipped out randomly at this moment.

Long-Lasting time

Made from Activated Carbon Extracted from Sri Lanka’s Finest Coconut Shells

Triple Filtration Technology

Coconut shell activated carbon blocks ensure maximal reduction rates and maintain all valuable minerals.

Particle Filtration blocks larger contaminants
Micro Filtration removes medium contaminants 
Adsorption Filtration removes microscopic contaminants

Excellent Filter Materials

Coconut shell activated carbon offers a very high density of 0.5µm pore size, allowing for the best filtering of contaminants.

Lead-free, BPA free, it can remove 97.9% chlorine and improves water's smell and taste.

NSF 42 Aesthetic Benefits

The materials and construction are in compliance with the NSF 42 standard. Removes 97.9% chlorine and improves water’s smell and taste.

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Twist and Lock Design - Tool Free Replacement

Step 1

Take out the old filter by turning it to the left a quarter turn, and then gently pull it down.

Step 2

Install the new filter by applying slight upward pressure whilst turning to the right.

Step 3

Don't release until fully turned to ensure the internal valve inside the refrigerator is activated.Reset the filter indicator light on your fridge.


I used the water tester I got when I purchased a Zero water filter. When I tested the Glaiser Fresh water filter, it came back zero. Well worth the money. I highly recommend it. This is not something I do often.


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